Asylum rejects cost taxpayer £300m

And the liberals say that the system is unfair on the rejected ones...

Asylum rejects cost taxpayer £300m
By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor
(Filed: 19/07/2005)

The taxpayer picked up a bill of more than £300 million last year to support failed asylum seekers who should have been removed from the country, spending watchdogs report today.

The National Audit Office says most of this sum was spent looking after an estimated 18,500 families with dependent children who are entitled to continuing support until they leave the country.

A further £285 million was spent to support the voluntary repatriation of some failed asylum seekers or to enforce the deportation of others.

The number removed is running at less than half the total number of unsuccessful applications for political asylum despite a Government pledge that removals should exceed rejections.

Last year, 12,100 principal applicants were sent home yet the number of failed applications over the 12-month period was 25,800...
Good to see the govt have contol over who comes and who stays :roll:

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