ASUS X58LWork Laptop Not Starting/US - Any Techies?



Evening one and all . Wondered if anyone could help with a Laptop which was zapped during a torrent download.
This is a recent cheap purchase meant for work, 1.0 Gig Proc/1.0 Gig RAM and 160 GB h/d. No system recovery disks unfortunately. Running Vista, and whilst my lad was downloading torrents (bless the little tw@t) the system threw up a message saying it would close down. Hasn't started up since, just a blinking cursor after the initial boot.

Tried various function keys during power on, e.g. F9 and F10, but no luck in starting a system restore without disks.. Obviously need system restore disks from somewhere. Questions, any one else running this donkey, or any one who can signpost us to replacement restore disks? WTF happened and how can we stop it happening again?

Help would be much appreciated. Have a good weekend and best wishes, all :)

Yours truly

Doofus Trem' ( and son)
You just might have all the restore data in a separate partition on the harddisk. When you power it up, try pressing F8 or F12 in the first few seconds (you might have to tap them repeatedly). If this is the case, a menu will appear suggesting system repair/restore options.

EDIT: According to Asus, F9 as soon as the asus logo appears is supposed to do it. Where did you get it from?

Good luck!


Just got back to the thread and must thank you for your replies and trouble. The function key suggestions dont work but hey ho. Thank you anyway :) will have to acquire the set up and restore software. best regards from TREM
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