Astute Cluster F--K

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Usual pile of shit the UK always seems to end up with, then.

  2. An awful lot of research and development (and cash) went into making it the best pile of sh*t available anywhere in the world.
  3. Auld-Yin

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    I hope it is still under warranty so we can take it back and change for a working fit-for-purpose submarine! :threaten:
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  4. Reading the list of faults, which seem to be a combination of design flaws and poor/falsified record keeping, I'm suprised the thing works at all, or that they can find enough volunteers to crew the beast. I understand that most submariners are a bit mad to start with, but even they must have their limits.
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  5. Volunteers? Hahahahahaha, have you forgot that you do as you're bloody well told.
  6. "been surrounded by controversy since it was first commissioned 15 years ago."

    Only two have been built, HMS Astute has only been commissioned for two years whilst HMS Ambush is still going through her sea trials.

    Read into that article as much as you like...
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  7. I spent five years of my life on this at the beginning and I'd put a lot down to the shrinkage of the industrial base caused by overly long gaps between procurements. If you don't keep a full team on things then knowledge is lost but that does cost; the MOD weren"t prepared to pay. So we had to bring in people from the US instead.

    I'd bet money that problems with the steam turbines are a lot to do with buying an obsolete niche technology to unique standards after at least a decade without an order.

    Then you have to realise that previous classes were by no means trouble free, at least according to the old and bold, but back in the day problems could be kept out of the papers and the Cold War meant money was available.

    Trouble is, if you don't spend enough to support more than one supplier you can't punish the one you have. If they then drop the business as uneconomic then that just means you never buy another one.
  8. Its very easy to put together a 'we're doomed' report with selective reporting which fits an agenda. I would suggest firstly, one has to look at the credentials of those quoted - if I'm not mistaken the nuclear engineers name rings a bell as being a campaigner - while we also have to remember that the first of class of new pieces of kit always have challenges and issues. Show me any complex military kit, for any nation, introduced into service where the first of class had zero defects, zero problems and went swimmingly well. If you look at most RN kit, the lead of class will always take years to get into service while all the bugs are ironed out and everything starts working properly - you're integrating a vastly complex system of moving parts weighing 8000 tonnes, with a nuclear reactor and large bomb shop and complex electronics, built after a nearly 20 year hiatus in SSN construction.
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  9. What are you getting at?

    The facts are only two have been finished, theres at least another 3 in build and long lead items on order for the others.

    So whats your point?
  10. That the article is a good example of shoddy journalism?

    Please read what I quoted, then read what I have written after it.
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  11. The best submarine in the world eh! At least that's what they said when it was launched. What a balls up and at such cost, it's almost unbelievable!
  12. The article quotes John Large. That alone is enough to make it worthless speculative shite.
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  13. No surprises. Other than the first five years of your life being spent on this.

    93% of management totally unqualified, who sustain their positions by falsifying company test and quality assurance records. The USA took some of our major manufacturers apart in the US courts on this in the early 90s. Does MOD or DTI or govt or industry learn ? Nope.
  14. Is this the one the Navy managed to get stuck on a sand bar? If it is then a certain amount of operator error must be present!