Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone does this, or has dabbled in this?

I have recently started doing this, and am enjoying it (although I rarely get a clear night)

NGC 7000 7th Sept compressed 1.jpg
I work in Kabul & have done this on occasion, best time I've found is on a clear night during the winter when half of the city is having a brown-out, but before they all start burning tyres for warmth.

When I get back to my pit, I'll try and dig up some fots.
A good friend of mine started dabbling in this a couple of years ago, got bitten by the bug and has since appeared on BBCs Sky at Night, been published in various magazines and also had an image on the NASA homepage.

I'd hate to even hazard a guess as to how much he has spent on kit now, but some of his imaging is amazing.

Link to his site...enjoy!!! Steve’s Astro
Ive started to dabble in this as well, here is my first ever image :


Taken using a modded Xbox live web cam, not had chance to try it out on some DSO's yet but some people have been getting some good results.
Ive started to dabble in this as well, here is my first ever image :

View attachment 89288

Taken using a modded Xbox live web cam, not had chance to try it out on some DSO's yet but some people have been getting some good results.
**** me, what's the resolution on that webcam?
Waning Gibbous-4-2.jpg I've tried to use my neximager, which is basically just a webcam to image the moon and planets also, but have not managed to get anything decent.

I shot this one though through my 7d.
Would a 5D with 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 L get some decent snaps of the moon (with tripod and remote)? I would try, but it's a bit cloudy.
One of the UK magazines has an article on astrophotography - can't remember which one, but I saw it in the last day or so in Sainsbury's (other fine establishments available).
So who will be the first ARRSER to make a Hubble Uber Deep Field image? Lets see some o them galalxies at the edge of the Universe 13.7billion Light Years away.
I just did an excellent introduction to astrophotography course at greenwich observatory - £72 for a six week long course on the basics. Well worth looking at the courses there if you habe any interest in astronomy at all.
I also recently took up astrophotography at the beginning of 2012. Though all through last year I hardly had any clear skies.

Three of my better attempts.

M42 New 5_NR Medium.jpg


JUPITER with shadow of it's moon Io V2.jpg

Jupiter with a shadow of one of its moons, Io I think.

Full Moon 28th November 2012 Medium.jpg

Mosaic of 6 pictures of the moon, using Microsoft ICE to stitch the pictures together.

The 3 pictures were taken with a Canon 650D through a Celestron C8 SCT. Camera control is with BackyardEOS, which is a brilliant bit of software for taking sequences of pictures. Pictures stacked in Pixinsight along with the processing.

I use my Neximage camera with a Startravel short tube 80mm refractor for guiding with PHD software.

I use Alignmaster for Polar alignment, and since discovering this software my stars are now round, even with long (ish) exposures.

Since Christmas I have had the ability to run everything off the mains as I was finding that in cold weather the scope and camera batteries would flake out after about a couple of hours, especially with the scope dew heaters running. Just hoping for some clear skies on a night when I don't have work the following morning, to have another go at getting some more practice.
Some great pictures:
How the discovery of a galaxy inspired a space photo competition

David Malin has spent four decades taking photographs of deep space. His work led to the invention of new imaging techniques and the discovery of the largest-known spiral galaxy - 'Malin-1'.

Now retired, he has held a competition in Sydney, Australia, to inspire the next generation of astrophotographers.
I thought the horn, glows in the dark with sparkly magic?
Indeed they do, but only to those of us with Faith ...

But some outstanding images there.
Indeed there are. It's actually quite clear up here in Glasgow at the moment, but skyglow makes it almost useless trying to take photos. Still, I've just had some good binocular views of the star fields around Cygnus (first time I've seen the Coathanger so well from inside the city) and down through Perseus (shame the Double Cluster isn't as obvious as it is in darker skies).

Coathanger (upside down)

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