Astray Spray will it turn up at council's new waste transfer station ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Stowmarket: Spray cannister lost during police operation in town - News - Ipswich Star

    Could be regarded as unfortunate.

    Suffolk: Police lose £400,000 on sale of land - News - East Anglian Daily Times

    The new police commissioner, Tim Passmore who is still a district cllr having refused to stand down from mid Suffolk Council, thinks losing 400 grand is unacceptable. Duh. How much his salary before the next PCC election ?

    Tim will also receive about £3700 per year district cllr expenses.

    Wonder what would happen if a Suffolk Police asset sale had involved Mid Suffolk Council as purchaser ??

    No conflict of interest tory Cllr Passmore ?
  2. BBN,

    The loss of a spray cannister is no big deal, Kent is flooded with the damned things bought in illegally from the Continent.

    As for the PCC, bunch of troughing, jobsworth ******* and a colossal waste of our money.
  3. Oh dear sweet Christ, why did you have to mention it?
  4. Edited to add I was a Kent Police Officer!
  5. ******* standby mate, old broken-brained Bouncebanana will be along very shortly to take you to task over your part in the Hindenburg disaster, Vesuvius errupting and Opal Fruits being renamed as Starbursts.
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  6. Given the state of the property/land market,a £400k loss over several years is not so bad.They didn't buy the land as an investment did they?
    The coppers still got £1.6m for the land.
  7. If you say the 'K' word three times, HE will come.

    You seem like a nice bloke, but Jesus, you do like to live life on the edge.
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  8. And 'Marathons' being renamed 'Snickers' .....was!!!!! And.... I NEVER gave a speeding ticket, not once!!
  9. What did you get sacked for?
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  10. Look out the window ACAB, see the car whose lights have just gone out? Its too late.
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  11. I didn't, I told them to shove it and went to work in the land of stupid money for ArmorGroup.
  12. The trouble with ARRSE is that people rarely bite on cheap bait. Bugger!
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  13. Bounce Banana, is the herpes simplex virus of ARRSE, just when you think you have got rid of the irritating fecker, he comes back, more annoying than ever.
  14. ArmorGroup aka G4S!
  15. No, was 2006, and definately AGI (ArmorGroup in Iraq) I would rather stick pins in my ******* eyes that work for the bunch of retarded fuckwits that are G4S