Astra Lights

Hey, can't find this info anywhere so I thought i'd ask my fellow servicemen.
I'm about to sell my BFG'd Vauxhall Astra so I have to switch the lights back to UK ones. However i have just noticed I haven't got rear lights for it (and i never had)
So, does this mean that all rear lights are facing the same way and they don't need to be switched, or, does this mean there is some sort of switch inside the rear lights which changes their direction.
Also i recall the BFG lights tester checking my front and rear fog lights, what the score with these.

Single rear fog lamps need to be on the correct side.
Hi Dragstrip,
can you expand on that, i'm a little confused :/ So i need to take the fog light and move it to the other side to which it is currently on?
I'm no expert but I believe the law allows for either a single fog lamp in the centre or a single on the offside or 2 lamps; but you cannot have a single lamp on the near side. Phone any garage that does MOT and they will fill you in.
I have owned a couple of Vauxhalls in my time. They used to have 2 rear fog and reverse lights so I didn't have to swap them round.


iIgot an astra you have 2 rear fogs and 2 reversing lights so the only thing you need to do at back is change number plate.

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