ASTOR the £5Bn White Elephant?

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by FNUSNU, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Yes it is a direct replacement for the Nimrod R1.
  2. And arguably a less capable replacement.

    The Sentinel binning is almost as farcical as the MRA4 cancellation.
  3. Concur.

    ASTOR and MRA4 have both had their issues but both are/were excellent and highly relevant capabilities.

    I'm just thankful that RJ wasn't binned. I also hope that the RN manage to get MASC to replace SKASaC.

  4. Was reading the other day that the V-22 Osprey was being put forward by Boeing. The aircraft will carry a palletised electronics suite, so technically any osprey could carry out this function... the pallet is reffered to as 'TOSS' :D
  5. B_B,

    Is is the airframe or the sensor that's supposedly less capable?

  6. rampant

    rampant LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer


    Noooo not Osprey, be safer to bring back the S-69.
  7. Totally Organic Sensor System (TOSS(!!!!)) would be ideal for CVF but is simply not affordable.

  8. Lets be honest the RAF would have done anything to save Typhoooooooooooon!
  9. Typhoon was never under threat as it's more or less our current primary Air Defence fighter (F3's almost gone), plus it will cover in the ground to air role. Had to laugh at Cameron telling that Navy harrier pilot that Typhoon was in Afghan covering ground attack roles! - err NO. As for Astor / Sentinel I'm sure we'll be able to sell them onto someone else along with most of the other kit the forces are going to lose.
  10. Can it drop 500lbrs yet or are the lads going to have to get used to 1000lbrs?
  11. "As for Astor / Sentinel I'm sure we'll be able to sell them onto someone else along with most of the other kit the forces are going to lose."'

    I'm not sure the 1980s are in the market for a wide area radar any more, but we can hope.
  12. How can you say that ? Surely it's a key capability we should hang onto ... just in case we need to keep track of 3 Shock Army again. You can never be too careful. That said, the Russians need wide area coverage (big country after all) so they might be interested.

    Personally I'm surprised the RAF hasn't yet called it a Non-Traditional ISTAR asset - after all, that's what they usually do when they use a hugely expensive legacy manned platform to do what something far, far cheaper could.
  13. I heard a rumour that 3SA had turned right out of Magdeburg and gone home, does this mean I can get rid of my much envied collection of the Threat Magazine with it's dazzling semi naked heroine of the Soviet Union?
  14. Sorry mate I don't know much beyond it's basic capabilities however this link has some more info:
    RAF Typhoon Display Team - The Typhoon