Aston Martin to make double-decker London buses???

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Litotes, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. It's been a bad week (as the end of term always is) but I haven't drunk that much, and I think I have just heard a report that Boris has binned bendy buses and contracted Aston Martin to make more double-deckers!

    So, the new double-deckers will be racing car green, very fast, very expensive and will go round corners very quickly....?

    Will I feel OK when I wake in the morning, Doctor?

  2. Can't wait for the next Aston Martin appearance in a Bond Movie...

    Bondgirl Conductress: Ahh Mr Bond. How far are you going ?

    James Bond: All the way.

    Bondgirl: There's room at the back.

    James Bond: I always go on top !

    Bondgirl Conductress: Do you have an Oystercard ?

    James Bond: Do you expect me to pay ?

    Bondgirl Condructress: No Mr Bond, I expect you to ride !

    (PS. Screenwriting isn't my forte)
  3. Fair play to Boris those bendy buses are total crap and if it means some UK jobs being saved without having to get the begging bowl out to the government then good.

    Went tomy local Landy dealer and asked when the 50% off sale was on, if looks could kill!
  4. An Aston for the masses! Whatever next, a Rolls-Royce public transport system?

    They're more likely to find a buyer for a bus than a DB9 right now so why not...
  5. Cosworth used to make parts for buses
  6. Genius :lol: !
  7. He he, sour grapes perhaps from the Labourites...


    Let´s think.

    The double decker bus is an ICON of London. Bendy busses aren´t.

    No one seems to like the bendy busses in London.

    Due to the amount of people in London we need some sort of mass transport system.

    Bendy buses aren´t liked, Double deckers are an Icon?

    As for a way to make policy.

    It is fun, it engages people and some good designs have come out of it. It isn´t the same as "you will do as you are told". Why the Routemasters weren´t simply redesigned to come up with solutiosn to their problems in thte irst place, I don´t know.

    Maybe the old design wasn´t in with Newest Labours "vision" of London. Not as European as a bendy bus, or in some way invoked the image of an Imperialist regime. or some such nonsense.

    May I suggest that the Forces follow a similar strategy for our new kit?

    HMS Queen Elizabeth the Second. By Joey Aged 11. I´d say little joey could then get to invited to the launch or something. But he´d probably have died of old age by that time.

    Huzzah for the return of the London Double Decker, and a "Carry on, Boris", you may have a whacky hair do but at last we have an intelligent and a throughly decent chap, to boot, in the Mayors Office.... Would you please run for PM?

  8. Rolls Royce made the Merlin engine of Spitfire fame.

    Provided power for tanks and didn't they have something to do with the engine of the Austin Champ?
  9. Daimler used to make NHS ambulances, complete with fluted grille.
  10. There was a Roller engine for the old 'Fodens' also.
  11. Bloody brilliant idea. Boris for Mayor, that's what I say.

    And Labour would know all about vanity projects, wouldn't they, having built the whole New Labour concept around image and, well, Tony Blair's vanity.
    Sorry for using his name here.
  12. Challenge
    Vanity Project???

    London 2012
  13. Ha, ha! Very good.
  14. Challenge
    Vanity Project???

    The Millennium Dome