Yet another vision one i'm afraid guys.

As far as my eyesight goes i pass the Army standards needed.
However I'm looking into contacts atm, and finding that with an astigmatism as heavy as mine in both eyes, that i'm limited on choice.
Anyone else around -3Cyl and found an optician that can provide daily disposables with the required corrective power?

I have a soft lens option at Asda's Opticians but i'm only going to be allowed to wear them 8-10hours at a time. (Monthly)
So better to just stick with glasses? Or have both options at hands?
More thinking of RMAS if i attend and messing around with my eyes the whole time.
It's well worth persevering with your optometrist in order to find lenses that suit. I have tried all sorts of lenses for my astigmatism over the last few years.

I now use 1-Day Acuvue for Astigmatism by Johnson&Johnson. They are excellent but cost £135 for 30 days.

Single Day lenses are expensive but are the healthiest, most comfortable and most convenient option.
Ah may have to suck it up then and stick with the glasses. Annoying since i've broken my nose a few times and they can sometimes sit a bit jauntily haha.
Pretty sure i read during RMAS you have to wear Army Issued? Or can i use my own if they conform to certain rules?
Nah your more likely to know to be honest, i'l look into it. Fairly notorious for breaking my glasses anyway so guess i better build up some reserves :D.


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