Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MrSlyQ, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. I have just had my eye test form filled in by my optician and next to question 5 (does your client have keratoconus or any other eye disorder?) she has written high astimatic is this a bar on entry or has she made a mistake in writing that there?

    I ask because my vision passes the standard for each other question.

    corrected 6/10 right eye and 6/9 left eye and +0.75 -3.50 axis 2.5 right and +0.50 -3.23 axis 170 left, shes written the lens correction but hasnt filled in the base column, is that a problem?

    Many thanks
  2. The standard personal weapon is the SA80 and this requires vision in the right eye to be correctable to no less than 6/9. Vision in the left eye must be correctable to no less than 6/36. Spectacle correction must be no greater than -7diopters or +8 in any meridian.

    Certain types of surgery or laser treatment to correct visual defects are unacceptable and clarification should be sought prior to application.

    The standards required by the Army Air Corps are higher than for other branches: applicants should check current standards with the Army Air Corps.

    From the looks of your figures, you seem well within the requirement limits.
  3. Bloody hell my astigmatism was way worse than that.

    6/10? Is that 3rd line up from the bottom?