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This isn't for me, but for a friend, hes a bit.....well he just cant spell for sh*t.

"I haven't got asthma but i did when i was younger anf my dad has always kept my perscriptions so he could use them for free as he has it really bad but because there's history of asthma medication on my record they wont let me in till 2011"

How can he prove this?
Please see all the previous threads on this topic (search 'asthma' in H&F), as has been done to death. Am locking to prevent dull repetition.

And as for using someone else's medicines - that's downright dangerous, as well as using defrauding the NHS. His medical records will have no mention of his use of inhalers which could impair his future care.

<Climbs off soapbox>

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