Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dead_licker, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi u bunch of ARRSE'S,

    I really want to join the Royal Marines or the Paras, and so I took it upon myself to visit a careers office and ask some questions. I went through a couple of videos and chit chat and then it came to the application - regarding asthma, I had ticked 'NO' about whether I had been treated for asthma, I was back when I was around 9 but ever since never had a problem. However recently I had bought to inhalers because my college wanted them for precautionary measures, so I bought them (on prescription). Little did I know that I f*&£!% myself real good. I mention that to the guy at the office and he took the application form and showed me the door :(

    Basically he didnt like that I bought them and that it would show on my med history, and I have to be in the clear for at least 4 years!

    So tell me is there no way of convincing them that I don't have asthma?

    I have spoken to another careers office and they told me to see my GP and get it rechecked or tested properly to show that I don't or get GP to write a letter saying that I had only bought them because my college asked.

    ???Help :x
  2. My advice is see your gp, it will be quicker than 4 years
  3. see your gp, get a spirometry test to show you have good lung function, also try and get the gp to write a letter saying you have not had medication for 4 years and maybe even a letter from the college explaining that although you have not had the symptoms for 4 years, it was actually them who requested the inhalers to cover their back's, hopefully they will look sympathically over the case.

    Be warned though the docs in the army aren't too sympathetic, I waited 4 years.

  4. And you still joined? Good drills
  5. I am in te process of joining at the moment, waiting on more medical clearence because an old gp put down i had eczema. its'f f***ed up.

    So should hear something next monday.