OK, to cut a long story short, i have a history of very mild asthma and have just had my application turned down by the docs at pirbright. i kno u have 2 be asthma free for at least 4 years but on my medical record it shows that i was perscribed inhalers in oct 2005 as the last time.

i havnt had an asthma attack since i was 5, which is wen i was diagnosed and it was the only serious attack i have eva had, i havnt had 2 use an inhaler since i was about 15/16 (im now 21) and i used 2 get new inhalers every now and then wen my old ones expired because i jus felt a bit safer havin 1 or 2 round the house sumwhere, sumthing which i now regrete because it seems thats the reason i have been turned down.

i am goin 2 go bak 2 my doctors 2 talk with her about it and i was jus wondering if ne1 knew if it was worth appealing against?? it just seems a bit silly that i was turned down because of an illness that i dnt have and as far as im concerned, havnt had in years.
I am in the same situation as you except I havnt been picking up inhalers. guys at the AFCO said that if I get rejected on the grounds of asthma, my GP will contact them and it should be hunky dory as long as I pass a stress test and the "blow into a tube" test that they do with asthmatics.

You must be a full 4 years clear of all treatment and symptoms of asthma before an application will be accepted. This application will be subject to further medical investigation.

The recruiter should not be telling you it will be ok. Only the Doctor can make that decision. If you have collected an inhaler in the last 4 years even if you have not used it that means your Dr believes you may need it and that means you potentially still have asthma.

Anyone that has been clear of treatment and symptoms will have to take the additional medical tests. If you fail these tests you can ONLY appeal if you have new evidence from your GP.
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