Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by outsider565, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. OK, to cut a long story short, i have a history of very mild asthma and have just had my application turned down by the docs at pirbright. i kno u have 2 be asthma free for at least 4 years but on my medical record it shows that i was perscribed inhalers in oct 2005 as the last time.

    i havnt had an asthma attack since i was 5, which is wen i was diagnosed and it was the only serious attack i have eva had, i havnt had 2 use an inhaler since i was about 15/16 (im now 21) and i used 2 get new inhalers every now and then wen my old ones expired because i jus felt a bit safer havin 1 or 2 round the house sumwhere, sumthing which i now regrete because it seems thats the reason i have been turned down.

    i am goin 2 go bak 2 my doctors 2 talk with her about it and i was jus wondering if ne1 knew if it was worth appealing against?? it just seems a bit silly that i was turned down because of an illness that i dnt have and as far as im concerned, havnt had in years.
  2. Here's an idea.

    Get your trainers on and go for a quick 3 mile run. If you wheeze, even a little bit, then forget it.
  3. Sixty

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    The prescription in 05 is the killer I'm afraid mate.

    Possibly worth visiting your GP or Practice Nurse to have them update your clinical records with how long you've been symptoms free?.
  4. Well i can do a 5 and half mile run with no probs, and do the mile and half in 9 mins, fitness is not the problem.
    my m8 who has just passed the selection, he smokes and isnt as fit as me and he got in relativly easily and i can out run him.
    thnx for the advise tho, ill go see my doctor and see wat she says about it
  5. ^ Thats all very nice but sadly it won't make the blindest bit of difference. 4 years is just that, 4 years :[]
  6. True,plus your mate who got in does not have asthma does he? and not being picky but is his spelling any fcukin better than yours?
  7. :D

    Seriously though, the 4 years really is there for a reason, but if you can get your doc to sort out your records, you might get a bye ball.. however, do you not have at least 6 months to work on it now?
  8. It's not really about the risk to you, you are a big boy and can make your own decisions about that. It's about the risk to your mates of you having an asthma attack, and the cost to extract you from the situation (which could cost money, time and most importantly it could cost lives).

    If you come down with asthma, it'll take two other blokes at least to get you out of the way which is three people not doing their job.

    That's why the 4 year rule is in place, as I understand it. If your doctor agrees it's over for years your laughing, if not you've no hope.