Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blondie65, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. hi i wonder if you can help. My son wants to join up in a years time when he finishes school. He has been a keen army cadet for two years and has participated in all of the activities there. However when he was young, up to the age of about 6 he had asthma..not any wheezing just a persistant cough..he has had nothing for years..will this prevent him joining and if so can anyone suggest any other careers to pursue that would interest him..he is quite bright and should get a levels if he wanted to

    many thanks from a 16 year old and his mum
  2. I think as long as he's been symptom free for a couple of years he should be okay, expect an extra thorough medical though!
  3. Regrettably asthma is a bit of a no-no (especially for air crew, for example), but if he does get rejected because of it I'd recommend that they ask for a second opinion or a medical referral up to a specialist who'll have a chance to review your sons notes with his GP.

    I absolutely hate trying to do online diagnoses so I won't even try but has your son thought of anything other than the Army if it doesn't work out for him? What does he want to do in the Army?
  4. Do you have any pics blondie?
  5. You must be a full 4 years clear of all treatment and symptoms of asthma before an application will be accepted. This application will be subject to further medical investigation.
  6. I know someone who is going through the motions of joining up with the infantry at the moment, and because he has been clear of asthma for only 3 years theyve said basically leave it a year and come back.

    Edited to add:
    When the person in question had asthma, he did have symptoms such as coughing and wheezing.
  7. Thanks for replies everyone it does give us some hope that it will be ok!
    As I said previously he has been in the ~ACF for two years and is a corporal and has been totally focused during all that time in joining up!!
    It would be a shame for the army to lose someone so keen wouldn't it He actually attends cadets on a big base so he has a good idea what it is all about.

    many thanks
  8. I had simalar, one attack when I was 11 and joined up when I was 20 so 9 years clear but basically what hapenned in my case was:

    Get asked about it by the doctor at recruit selection
    Get sent onto do a "Lung Function Test" (Or something like that)
    Do a test on one of the little breath measuring things
    Run up hill on a Treadmill for 5 or 10 minutes
    Do 3 more breath tests over a couple of minutes
    Get told Pass or Fail
    Rejoin rest of group for other tasks/Get given back to doctor to be told you failed

    A couple of people at my recruit selection did fail and they got told to continue training concentrating on CV and reapply in x amount of months depending on how bad it was
  9. As stated above asthma in childhood need not be a showstopper. I joined JLR and completed a full (well - until options for change) full career.
  10. i havent had asthma since 2002 the doc says...but i cud be sure i aint had any problems for years...i am also worrying about this
  11. Confirming that as long as he's 4 years asthma free he won't be deferred but he needs to ensure that his GP makes this clear on the medical questionaire.

    He'll be given a test known as a vitalograph at recruit selection, if thats ok, he should be allowed to continue the process barring any other problems.
  12. i have had asthma previously but i find that when you improve your cardio-vascular fitness, symptoms are lessened.
    having said that its just as much a phsychological thing, not knowing whether you're still asthmatic.