Ive just been to the doctors to see about getting some medication for, what i thought was a long standing chest infection but my doctor seems to think ive got asthma. Ive got a few people in my family who have/had asthma but it first noticed when they were kids/early teens and with me being early twenties i thought i had escaped it. Ive got to go for breathing tests so they can confirm whether its asthma or not. Im just wondering, is there a chance i will be discharged? im in inf. if that makes any difference?


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Depends if you tell them about it, or if it comes up when you get mobilised. I wouldn't have thought so, as I have seen quite a few inhalers in my time. A couple of Staffies, a Corporal and a private, and they were very obvious about it. I think its a no - no when you join, but if it comes to light after the fact, then its a grey area. But thats my unqualified opinion.
i have recently passed selection and been attested etc and im with 6 scots infantry( light role)
i had asthma from a young age until not so long ago and as long as you can prove you can sustain a constant speed on a bike and your lungs dont decrease in peak flow (spirometry) you will be ok
i had to do all this and 4 other guys as well, we all passed

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