Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jimmy1880, May 2, 2009.

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  1. hello,

    i have been recently been suffering from tight chestiness on tabs, runs etc. i went to a private doc and he told me i have adult onset athsma!

    will the army kick me out when they find this out?

    info appreciated thanks.
  2. Jimmy 1880....

    if that's your year of birth, and asthma is all you have to worry about....
  3. No. You will die a serious death before that. Just make sure your mam knows so she can arrange the funeral.

    Use the search button love.
  4. Hi,

    i've used search but i can only see posts from people looking to join!
  5. OK, I will tell you a secret now, but don't tell anyone. OK?

    Ask the doctor on Tuesday when you have booked an appointment.

    We are not qualified doctors on here, we can only go on experience. Just go to the bloody doctors!!!!
  6. thanks for the helpful help.

    i know your not a f**king doc i was asking for advice if u cant help dont reply!

    simplez eh!
  7. My mate in the mess reckons you'll get downgraded.

    Is that what you want to hear ?
  8. yeah they might put on some recruitment thing, heard a few of the boys that work with the ones on the look at lifes are there.
    when does your tight chest come on, like during winter or something?
  9. I reckon, being as I am a qualified non-medical type, that they will have you out the Army by teatime the same day, if you do seek qualified medical advice.
    I advise you to keep quiet and see if you can die while deployed.
  10. If you are already in the Army and there is a suspicion of asthma this will be investigated. I am not aware of anyone that has been medically discharged due to asthma but, depending on the severity, you could be downgraded IF it turns out to be true asthma. This may limit your ability to deploy, but will depend on what Op you are going on and what you will be doing there.

    If you DON'T get it formally checked out and then deploy you are putting yourself and your colleagues at risk. Imagine: Firefight in Helmand and the dust triggers a full blown asthma attack. Call the medics. Puts the helicopter crew, the medics and everyone around you at risk. Any attempt to cover it up is irresponsible.

  11. Roger.

    thanks Peeby.