Asthma while serving

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by asd2001, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I don't know has someone posted this already somewhere. But I have this question: I am in the TA for a while. And couple of weeks ago, I got ill and got better. After, I realized I started to have a "small wheeze" after running. So I went to see the GP, and he said I "might" have asthma. He also told me that since I had a chest infection few months ago, as this might be the residual of the infection and might died down in the future. And he did not give me any inhalers as he doesn't think I need it.

    And up to today, while I go for a run or weekly drill night PT, I don't have this problem anymore, and I pass my last PFA with the of runtime 9min 15sec. And I just wonder, will the record with my GP affect my medical check up while I go or ex or ops? And also will I get a medical discharge just because that "small wheeze" in my GP's record? If so, shell I go to see my GP to update my record as I am free from wheezing?

    Many thanks!
  2. Forgot to mention, I don't have any asthma record since I was born.
  3. I think you'd have to check with your GP what was put on your records. Asthma should normally be diagnosed by a sprometry test but sometimes people are diagnosed without this.
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  4. I got by with "a small wheeze" for 7 years. My GP diagnosed me with Asthma after a particularly nasty chest infection. I was given an inhaler and told to be careful.

    For years I kept it quiet because it really only affected me when I had a cold. Several of the lads used an inhaler before running to open the airways, so it was easy to use mine if I felt I needed to.

    Anyway, not long ago I moved and got a new doctor. He went through my records and saw that an inhaler was typically lasting me around about a year, when most sufferes get through one every two weeks.

    I got called in and he checked me over. I went for some tests and was told I never had Asthma, but I did have a mild allegy, which is what gave me the wheeze.

    Sounds like you might be in the same situation...a cough or cold plus something that irratates the airways, and you get a wheeze.
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  5. Yes, my GP made me to blow into the peak flow meter (that's what he calls it), which is a tube thing with a meter on it. And told me that my reading is "high", and I was told my reading is normal. I was told to check back with my GP with other people as well. But I just wonder will just this small record with my GP will affect my career in the TA.
  6. A peak flow is different, you need to check with your GP.
  7. Ex-Mr Slug had breathing problems as well (*). He only had the blue inhaler.

    I smoke far too much and my sinuses are ragged, so I got to get the blue and the brown one.

    He was an annoying bastard who would cry at the slightest whiff of fresh cut grass anyway.

    As Big J said, speak to your GP.

    * Only when I stood on his chest and hit him with a shovel. The dog stealing ******.
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  8. When I was in basic we had a lad who always struggled on the runs. He was diagnosed with asthma, and told the MO that he had suffered as a boy...........believe he was binned as 'illegal entry'.
  9. If you have the blue inhaler it only works if you have Asthma, it will have no effect on you if you dont. I managed almost 24 yrs service with Asthma - and the Army knew - and as long as I did the running (very good at it) and jumping who cares?

    In cidentially once when I deployed on Ops and went to a crab med centre for a new one was told that they are not carried in war zones and I was not allowed to be out there. They told me to wait in the corridor for someone to take my details, I walked out and never wnet back in. Got them sent out by wife as I had a repeat prescription back in BAOR.

    May have changed now (my waistline certainly has), but keep going and you should get through.
  10. i'd heard that if anyone can prove via medical records that their asthma has been well controlled for a full year then it should not automatically be a barrier to joining ?
  11. I heard that you were a ********.
  12. If your a serving soldier and asthma is diagnosed then its not a problem as long as it can be controlled with medication. A Spirograph will confirm this. A peak flow meter is normal used after phys or during an attack. Completely different device.

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  13. Tis true. Anyway - stay off that beclomethasone and get yerself on Seretide.yeeeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  14. Do not make me Harsh Font you. I've got a headache that would kill a bloke.

    I'd say civvie, but I am one now.