asthma, whats the score?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by metcalfer, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. just applied to the army, i havent suffered from asthma for bout 5 yrs but the doctors issued me with some inhalers 2 half yrs ago. so this is showing up on my records as me suffering from asthma.

    i have spoke to my doc who is ex army and hes goin to write a covering letter to explain the situation.

    jkust wondering if anyon has been in a similar sitatuion and got in or has any words of advice.

    anything would be of help as its pi**ing me off cos i know im not suffering with it any more


  2. I had a similar problem, i had asthma when i was a kid got rid & then had bronchitis about 1 year ago & was issued some inhalers that i didnt use. I am now in the TA & didnt have any probs... but the medical didnt delve too deep. Im pretty sure if your doc has done that it shouldnt be a prob. Like you i dont have any physical symptoms. i wouldnt worry. Good Luck!
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It depends on your family doctor. I had severe childhood asthma/bronchitis; When I applied to the TA my GP "couldn't find" my medical records. The same problem appeared when I applied to the regular army hence they had only my medical examination to go on. Passed with flying colours.

    that was the days of the old fashioned GP though.
  4. You will take an extra bit on the health assessment at the RSC, they make you blow down a tube while on a treadmill I think, as long as you pass this along with the covering letter from your doc, you should be fine.
  5. does anyone else have any advice or previous experience of any one they trained with who was in a similar position, perhaps they could offer words of advice.

    cheers guys for the help
  6. I got a little asthma a couple of years before starting. Didn't really bother with an inhaler, but one day I had a bit of an attack and the MO said that he was going to discharge me because you can't be asthmatic in the army. Apparently. Turns out it was just seasonal and brought on by hayfever. Still not allowed. Anyway, I kicked up a bit of a fuss, wrote some letters explaining the situation (hayfever symptoms can be sorted out with an injection at the start of every season), and after a LOT of hassling them to get a move on I had to go for a medical at (I think) a naval medical base. Long time ago, can't really remember. Had to run with a tube on, and the doc there said that I was fine, although it was November, and things might have been different if it was during the summer months. Who knows? Anyway, I got back in, and completed the course. I think once you're in though, it's not a drama.

    Interestingly my MO had a very similar situation, and had a lot of problems with getting in due to hayfever-induced Asthma, but he's fine and did P Coy.

    My best advice... keep it quiet, and don't advertise it.
  7. yer i understand mate, havent really advertised it but im sure the docs at glencourse will pick up on it, im just wondering if ne one has had the same experience rescently?

    if u have let me know, or if you know ne one who has


  8. Its ok saying just keep it quiet if you are sure that you are no longer suffering with asthma, but i would say if you think it might be a problem later on in life its best to get it sorted out now.

    A mate of mine has been suffering with asthma for years and it really affected his fitness. This of course had a knock on affect as he was not allowed to deploy to the gulf because of his medical history.

    He is now being left behind his peers with regards to promotion etc.