Asthma Sufferer applying for Army U.K.

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I am 22 and have started the application process to join the British Army, I’m worried about a few things, firstly I have quite a lot of tattoos, most out of sight but I have one on my hand and one on the back of my neck, none are offensive.
I suffer with eczema, not too serious but I do have to use a cream sometimes.
I suffer with asthma, mild to average and I carry an inhaler and have repeat prescriptions for this.
About 4 years ago I broke my collarbone quite badly, it is now healed but it is quite noticeable.
When I was a teen I self harmed a bit and have some scars on my upper arm, not too major.
Will any of these things disqualify me, and will they put all of these things together and see it as a fail ???
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