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First off, Im new on ere so if Ive whacked this in the wrong section, feel free to slap my arrse!

I have asthma and have had it since I was knee-high (about 9), I used to box and I regularly run 2 miles a week (did the 1.5 other night in 8:49), but I know the Armed Forces are strict (for a reason) on people with asthma or a history of it.

At a recent appointment, my doctor said to me "its unlikely for me to ever get rid of it, its not something that disappears just like that" which was like a kick in the man-jewels tbh, and said I should go talk to the AFCO if I wanna join the Parachute Regiment, which I havent done yet because I atleast want to show them some improvement in my asthma before I have a talk with someone.

At the moment im using the becotide / brown preventative inhaler, but aint been using it for long, I honestly think my fitness isnt bad at all and I could hack it in the Army, but I know at the mo, they wouldnt touch me because I aint clear of it..yet. My Doctor said if my asthma was under control, then they might allow some lee-way..Is this true? Or would they tell me to come back in 4 years?

Wheezing diatheses
3.5.2. History. Wheezing (including asthma) is common and recruiting
medical officers must take a careful history to detect childhood disease
including further enquiry into such symptoms associated with wheezy
bronchitis, recurrent cough, exercise and cold induced wheeze and previous
use of bronchodilators and inhalers. In addition it may be necessary to obtain
a report from the applicant's general practitioner (GP) to clarify the history.
3.5.3. Candidates with a wheezing diathesis should normally be graded P8.
Candidates with a history of wheezing or chest tightness on exercise should
also be graded P8.
3.5.4. Exceptions. The award of a P2 grading may only be considered for
candidates with a history of wheeze or chest tightness who have been free
from symptoms and off all treatment for the last 4 years and who fulfil either
or both of the following criteria:
a. The history of wheezing diathesis was confined to the period
prior to the age of 4 years1 and there have been no episodes since that
b. There is a proven history of a single episode of wheezing
associated with a respiratory tract infection since the age of 4 but more
than 4 years ago.

In short, you're buggered. Sorry mate.
I aint ever had an asthma attack.

And I rely on the Becotide Inhaler by habit mostly, not by wheezing and physically needing it.

I could probably do without it tbh, and my fitness isnt bad at all.

There must be allowances, I dunno whether to forget about joining, keeping my fitness up and see if the symptoms fade away, or to talk to someone to see if theres any lee-way.


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You must be totally clear of symptoms, and have not been prescribed an inhaler, for at least 4 years. Sorry, but they give no leeway as far as I know.
Ryyy said:
I have asthma and have had it since I was knee-high (about 9),
I regularly run 2 miles a week (did the 1.5 other night in 8:49)
Re my bold: You have asthma, you will need to run and hell of alot of PT for the Parachute Regiment!

You might of not had an attack yet, but you probalby will do during training, as the prevoius poster stated, your buggered.

Sorry but thats about it i'm affraid!

See your GP. Check if it's safe for you to be off your meds and give it a go if the doc says it's ok. You have 4 years to work on your fitness without meds (if safe).

8.49 for the 1.5 miles is good, y' know! Don't be discouraged yet... but if you're going to go without meds you need to let your doc know. Good luck!
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