asthma going to fcuk my chances

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by D-Runner, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Started weezing like fcuk over the last couple of months, went to the doctors thinking I had a chest infection which never cleared up properly. The doc listened to my breathing checked hight weight etc followed with a peak flow test. apparently my lungs are only functioning at 75% only hitting a score of 4.50 on the peak flow. Went to hospital for a x ray waiting for results .

    Got ADSC in a few weeks.

    Im running 1 1/2 in under 10mins and can run 10k without getting that tired.

    fcuk it if the Army reject me ill be partying in canada for the yr fcuk staying about this shithole.
  2. Why are you telling people this? Do you think anyone cares?
  3. Glad to see the o2 tag in place. Long overdue.
  4. Yes, Asthma will screw your chances of joining the Army.


  5. well truthfully the best thing is to keep your mouth shut and hope nobody finds out. then why worry
  6. Because If they found out you could be dishonorably discharged, Maybe?

    edited because of a stupid spelling mistake ;)
  7. Yeah i imagine it's just the asthma, nothing to do with your basic english skills
  8. So when he's out on a cold winter's night in a training area miles from civilization, and has an asthma attack, everything will be fine and dandy?
  9. I know iv been a cnut but mostly just a piss take dont take it personnel for fcuk sake . If im diagnosed with asthma then Ill need to tell the army career officer simple as that. They will find out at adsc anyway with the medical. Ill get a rubbish peak flow score the army doctor will send me for further tests to investigate why, as iv already said iv been weezing which is unusall for myself , to be honest health comes first, if I need to take inhaler to get my lung function higher than 75% thats what ill be doing.
  10. Or you've just woken up to the fact you ain't gonna hack it in the Army and are getting your excuses in first.

    Congrats on the tag, now you won't have to salute or even stand up for NCOs you don't respect...
  11. So, after months of posting on here saying how the Army should be run, this isn't just an excuse to not join?

    Edited to say: Damn STP your fingers are fast!
  12. To be honest im fitter than most of the other potential recruits iv trainned with, some recruits did the run in 12-14 mins im doing it in under 10mins
  13. Means bugger all if you're medically not up to it.
  14. Well done. Have a shiny red laboon and some ass-cleam.
  15. you think the army doctors would pass my medical im 5ft10" 12st and only have a peak flow of 4.50