asthma and the medical

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by maully, May 24, 2007.

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  1. hi all ive had asthma since a young age ive not had any problems with it or required and inhalers in the last 4 years but ive had a repeat prescribtion in the last four years jus in case i needed them and i havent will i be ok to getin in to the army?
  2. Hmm hopefully! I am in the same boat but I havnt had the repeat perscription. My medical record says I "currently" have asthma but I havnt been given any medicine or treatment for about 7 years. The reason its still on my record is because I havnt been having regular checkups. My GP told me to tell the medical people this and they would do a "further investigation" and find me clear.

    If I was you I would go in an cancel the repeat perscription ASAP just incase it will make any difference.

    I guess if you explain that it hasnt bothered you then maybe they will test you for it and if you really are clear then they will let you in.. I dont know. I am just guessing.

    Good luck!

  3. thanks for the reply good luck your self mate. any1 else no if this will afect me ?
  4. Cheers,

  5. Unfortunately when I was recruiting I had loads of applicants the same as this and it will be medical in confidence, but it states you have to be 4 years symptons and treatment free. By getting repeat prescriptions you are classed as having prescribed drugs which is treatment. Go ahead with the RG8 (Health application form) but Im 99% sure you will have to wait four years from your last visit to the GP for repeat prescription. You would also have to do a spiro test at ADSC after the four years once your excepted.
  6. ive also bin told by a recruiter its only if uve had an attck in the last four years but he may be wrong but ive never had an attack and my asthma was a light wheeze when i was younger dos this afect things or is it still a definate no?

  7. As said its all medical in confidence and between you/GP/SMO so go ahead with RG8. It does state 4 years symptom and treatment free though. Sorry for this info but see what comes of it.
  8. will do cheers mate one last thing though did u ever have any people get in with similar conditions to me? sorry for all the questions just be guted if i cant get in
  9. Approx a dozen all medically deferred until 4 years after they were subscribed there last prescription and GP said no further treatment.
  10. Damn doesnt sound good.. get off the perscription right away! Maybe you can blag it saying that you havnt been picking up the perscriptions or something.. I have no idea.. again.. good luck!

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  12. How about starting your own thread instead of hijacking someone elses and trying to get your 15% commision you tool.
  13. Sorry but if you've had a repeat prescription it is classed as treatment (even if you did'nt pick them up you are still classed as having asthma) so looks like you might be waiting a while, but the best people to ask are the blokes at the local AFCO or ACIO, and they will tell you everything you need to know.
    Good luck
  14. the medical are tight i got declined because i had ezma !

  15. Have you considered why?

    The doc will have had your interests and those of the folks you work with in mind. I have assumed that you mean eczema? Skin problems that seem 'minor' at home can be debilitating when on Ops and can limit operational effectiveness.

    Medicals are not carried out for the fun of it.