Asthma and joining

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by zoo702, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. I am currently registered as an asthmatic....however the doc's have it down that it is extremely mild and almost certantly caused by pollen or is only seasonal. I am totally fixed on joining the Army or RAF Regiment and was wondering if anyone had any idea if there was any slight possiblity of me being allowed into either one? I know about their 4 years clear policy, but how much do they really stick to that?


  2. They stick to it!!!

    I use an inhaler for a mild allergy (not asthma - lungs fine etc etc) failed medical for both Army and TA even with letters from my doctor saying there was no issue.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(
  3. They stick to the 4 years symptoms and treatment free policy 100%, unfortunately you wont get through unless clear.
  4. Ah....=[

    Cheers for the responses though guys

  5. Too risky for them not to stick to it
  6. I do think they should look at it on a case by case basis though. there would be no risk in my situation as its only a fur allergy.
  7. Thanks for all your responses guys,

    But surely there are people in the forces with inhalers, I've even heard about that on forums etc?
  8. You could say that you have been clear or symptoms but never stopped getting the inhalers or something. Could lie and say you havnt been picking them up maybe? Dont know.. lying probably isnt the best way haha...

    I dont have asthma but didnt visit a doctor for about 8 years so they never updated my records saying I dont have it anymore. I havnt been getting inhalers so the AFCO said I should be fine and if not to appeal like mad.. I havnt had any symptoms for 7 years or so.

    Maybe there is a way for you.

  9. Bump.
  10. I had to return for this.

    Jay you.. you! I was told that while the rules are concrete, you can try your fcuking utmost with doctors notes etc. and they may just may allow you to resume selection... grr can't word it correctly but you need to be prescription free (if you don't need it) for somewhere near 4 yrs and you better fcuking hope you are ready to pass spiro ;) I said i'm devoted but I wanna play it by the book and prep me lungs more.

    I'm ok waiting my only anxienty lays in the unknown :p
  11. There is an easy way around this problem. If you can not manage this what can you offer the armed forces? just being prat. If you can you would be overqualified. If you are sure you can not qualify and you would like to. Register some where else. Ideally in another area use a friends family or rent some wheres address. When you go to register tell them you were last at the doctors say 4 years ago when at college for an ingrowing toenail or something you cant recall if you registered or not give the details. Then hand them your form a couple of weeks later and get it done. You dont know your NHS number many people dont. THis should not work because you would think there would be a national database where you NI would bring your details and it would arse up. This was not the case very recently dont know what its like at present. You are doing this because you would not get in otherwise so you have little to lose by a failed atempt. If it areses up and you are young dont make an event out of it as you can always try a different tack.
  12. Total Bolloxs, when I was recruiting some lad tried something similar and after a year of waiting for his RG8 being sent back to his NEW GP and NHS Direct from the ADSC med people it became apparant what he'd done. By then his 2 year deferrment he would of got for his illness turned into a dont ever apply for the forces again.
    Another lad got through with lies on his medical and was found out in trade training and got booted out.
    Dont listen to idiotic ideas, rules are rules and there for a reason.
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  13. Exactly my point. One person said you didn't need to "disclose" everything, if you overlook it.

    And then I thought that just cause you manage it once, they don't just check your records once surely?

    I'm playing the game the way it's meant to be played.