Asthma Again :(

I see all these questions about asthma, was just wondering if any1 could answer this, ive just put my medical questionaire into the doctors, and im only clear for 3 years an 2 months from god nows what, but i havent suffered from asthma since i was 6, so i do not now were they got that date from.... im 19 doing loads of excercise an have been for about a year, asthma is no were in sight an tbh i dont even think i have it , but if on the questionair the doctor says its only very slight, would i get passed the questionaire and have a check up to see if i am fit to go ahead or will they reject my form an ill have to wait for 10 months?
Thanks in advance
dude i have exactly the same problem and know how you feel .......... :cry:
i dont feel i have asthma again at all but im worried the doctor may say i have dno if i should take the plunge and just get it looked???

oh and if there is any record of asthma in your medical then no you wont get in and you must be clear for 4 years and pass a strict medical..
Yer the thing is ive been clear from asthma for 10 years + maybe longer, but i had a chest infection 3 years ago an he gave me an asthma pump to help it, ive spoke to a few ppl an if worst comes to worst ill have to wait 10 months, all the better really can get super fit before training :D

my husband had asthma when he was a baby and he grew out of it, joined the army served for 5 years then came out for 2 years and re-aplyed, during the 2 years he was out the house we used to live in developed realy bad damp to the point of it was making us have bad chests, we went to the doctors and they gave us both asthma pumps just incase it was hard for us to breath, hubby then re-aplyed and got turned down "as he had asthma" he called up the army medical office and asked if there was anythink he could do to rejoin as he never had asthmas (he them exsplaned what had happed) cut it short.. he went to doctors they tested him for asthma was clear, they then wrote a letter to state this, hubby wrote a cover-ing letter to go with this and sent it to the army medical depatment, 2 weeks later he got another letter saying he had got back in
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