Asterix names

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chalice, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. When I was but a whippersnapper wannabe wordsmith, someone in my family (not me, honest guv) decided that we should give each other derogatory Asterix names. Thus my argumentative big sister became Dogmatix, my younger drama queen sister became Histrionix, etc etc. (They never did come up with a satisfactory riposte for me, apart from a weak pun on my name, Phallix.) Our dear old Mum was not only an absolute delight, but a fabulous artist and champion bugler, so we bent the rules a bit and she ended up with the moniker ‘Fartifax’.

    The Gallic muse has recently been beating me about both lugholes with white-flag sticks for some reason, so I thought I’d open it to the floor.
    If you’re feeling witty, have a go. No major rules, just try to stick to the –ix ending and make it a good one that connotes something of the person’s major habits or characteristics e.g. Bush = Catastrophix, Obama = Charismatix, Broon might go with Duffoptix and Clarkson might = Scalectrix.

    To start the ball rolling, suggestions for a couple of Arrsers: (collectively known as a Bunchofprix :D )

    Cernunnos – Priapix
    Smartascarrots – Cleverdix
    Josey_Wales – Outforsix
    Jarrod248 – Chasesdix
    Flashy – Stalkedbychix
    MDN/SMB – Sadistix/Justforkix
    Sven – Getsonwix
    OfaH - Floppydix
    Blue_Sophist – Dentafix (sorry, Blue!)
    K13eod – Prosthetix
    Legs - Leftwithnix

    You get the picture.
  2. Gordon Brown - Ilooklikeawalruseatingadryweet-a-bix
  3. Taz_786 - TheArsenalmatchwasafix :D
  4. Don't forget, however, that names in the Asterix books depended on their country of origin.

    Nearly all the male Gaulish characters' names end in -ix and most Gaulish women's names end in "a". Roman names end with -us, Normans use -af, Vikings use "-ssen", Egyptians use -is, Greeks use -es or -os, Britons use -ax or -os, Goths use -ric.
  5. What was wrong with "Grand Prix" :D

    Now, I've had problems with you "soldiers" understanding the more "sophisticated" humour so, please, don't write your outrage missives until you have thought carefully about the consequences...

  6. Stop being so bluddy sensible.

    Or give us some examples :D
  7. Yeah... What was that? All those big words and he can't read "NAAFI"... :roll:
  8. Dear Avionix,
    feck off & hijack somewhere else.
    Or give me some Asterix names - you must have loads :)

  9. So Baldric was a Goth then?
  10. Avionix... I like it.. :clap:

    So I'm really Parachutrix Avionix.

    If I was a tad kinky and female I could have been a Parachutrix Avionix Dominatrix.

    If I was a bit of a walt and was really an engineer I should really be Parachutrix Avionix Mechanix.

    If I was a re-enactor I'd be Parachutrix Avionix Re-enactrix.

    How much more triple x do you need?
  11. "chalice", I don't know about the rest, but you've certainly intimidated me !

    How do you expect anyone to follow that excellent collection ?!

    RCT(V) (a.k.a. - Pendantix).
  12. To refer to another thread on these boards:

    I'll go with Arthritix for me but...

    Pathetix = "Baron" James Shortt

  13. Yup, he's 'Inafix' and I like to refer to him as 'Waltybollix', though that is just my opinion :)
  14. Stabadrop = Comix

    Gunners Quadrant = Ballistix
  15. Pendantix or Pedantix?
    C'mon mate, so many Arrsers, so little time.
    Plenty more - have a go :)