ASTER missile cuts the mustard.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. i thought you actually meant we'd sold of the fins to be used as cutlery.
  2. Well we always knew they worked very well at shooting down missiles, it's their raison d'etre lets be frank (see what I did there, with the french etc etc.... heh)

    As we've discussed it's thir usefulness in surface engagement role, for ships without Harpoon that should be questioned.
  3. One presumes that the enemy ships are (anti shp) missile armed - so if you splash their missiles.....

    BTW What happened to the Harpoon and Goalkeeper systems from the T22s?
  4. Shoot the archer not the arrow... as I believe the term goes. No idea where they went although what we'll do with 4 x Goalkeeper, excellent as they are... drop them onto QE or PoW? Although I thought that they were supposed to be cutting about with 4x Phalanxes (well. fitted for but not with)
  5. Even the 23's are now increasingly fitted for but not with Harpoon.

    The Goalkeers? Bay Class perhaps? The cloggie ones have one apiece up front.
  6. That would make a lot of sense, although it would mean that each Bay needs a full time RN party.
  7. Well, they already get an ad hoc Phalanx mount when going off anywhere interesting.
  8. Can't we fit goalkeepers to the boats full time?

    PS, what capability has the likes of Goalkeeper got against surface targets?
  9. Ad hoc?

    Would that be one of these, but mounted on a swivel chair?



  10. You know the A-10 Warthog? Same gun.
  11. I never knew that - although that does seem sensible. But isn't there a difference here in that Phalanx is basically just bolted to the deck and is fairly easy to install?

    Could a CIWS system be fitted to a smaller vessel such as a Minehunter, or do constraints due to size, weight, manning requirements, and presumably being magnetic make this impossible?

    Don't know about Goalkeeper, but the upgraded Phalanx can be used in a surface mode (operated manually and with an added IR sensor).
  12. Could we not get around this problem by, say, fitting the ships with Harpoon?
  13. That I know, so likely to make a real mess, but does the mount/software allow for such a scenario?
  14. Ultimately, Harpoon is subsonic and gun based CIWS can take it. The 'approved' way of f**king people up these days is to fire one of your BFO SAM's doing M4+ at them.