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I don't know if anyone has thought of this, but if we kick Saddam out, will that not mean that all those Iraqis, Kurds, and anyone else persecuted by Saddam can go back home? (Especially that Iraqi Nurse who is so anti-war) because they aren't assylum seekers anymore.
If only.....

Kurds aren't exactly wanted back in Iraq main, the Turks ain't to keen either. Thank God for datellites, otherwise the Turkish Army, might have made their own contribution to the Iraq "solution"

And do you really think they want to leave now?


They may want to go home but unfortunatly the 6,000,000 members of the Bath party will be "eligible" to come here if they fear persecution by the rest of the Iraqies we "liberate" .


i dont understand this ???

it can't be hard for an immigration/custom officer to say "no!, turn around and **** off back to france and claim asylum there "

not much to it isn't there? no legal fights cost or human rights issue here france is a safe counry they should try there first before travelling hundreds of miles just to get to UK  after there UN charter said they must claim asylum in the first safe country they come to and there is a lot of that between us and iraq,afganistan,romania,iran etc..........................
There was a treaty (and I can't remember what it was called) that we didn't sign when we ratified the EC Human Rights charter (a piece of legislation that will cause us pain for decades to come unless we get rid of it!) that would have allowed us to do just that. Sadly for us, the Human Rights Act has enshrined in law the right of anyone to claim asylum here irrespective of them having travelled through a dozen safe countries before reaching this benefits haven.

Can someone please get this foul government of liberals out before I loose the plot?
What foul government of liberals would that be Woopert?

There seem to be a lot of boys sandyside, implementing the most unliberal government policy I can rememeber :)
Do I need to list the actions of this government in terms of it's liberal agenda? Shall we start with the abolition of the Hereditory (and independant, hence beyond Labour's control) Peers? The ratification of the European Charter on Human Rights (money for Cherie in there somewhere)? Law and Order reform? etc etc etc.
If wanting to restrict entry to those that genuinely need or require asylum is racist and xenophobic then I'll just put down my signed copy of Mein Kampf and slip into my jackboots and black shirt.


When my family first came to this country we were very impressed with the wonderful things that were here like big buses supermarkets full of food, wonderful hospitals and free education for all. Occasionally we go back to England and tell everyone back home about the wonderful life we have in Australia... And then I woke up....

If you want to  go to Australia You have to have plenty skills which are of use to them , speak the language, if you want to a decent  professional job you still may have to take an exam in vocational English, pay the relevant professional body to accredit your  British/Other qualifications as well as needing to take the Ozzie ones, have enough money to fund yourself for many years (otherwise no handouts), still have more money,invest money in the place, have to pay them lots of dosh to see if they can let you in , pay for your dependants and partner too  and if you are lucky they let you in.

And if per chance you fall out of a boat  and claim Assylum they put you up in a big hotel in the desert while they sort my paperwork out, so no chance of you going missing.

Sounds racist doesn't it, last riot they had in Woomera was started by a Pomme.

The point I am trying to make is that we need to tighten up on who we let in, yes protect those who are being persecuted and oppressed, but many of those who are here are not from those groups and are taking advantage of the system, acting as drain on it rather than adding to it.

Many of those who have come here in the past, came here not looking with their hands held out waiting for things to be laid on for them, but have progressed through their own endeavours adding to this country rather than detracting from it, contrary to the whims of wooly minded liberals who want to ban everything from Christmas to Hot Cross buns, (which is patronising to these people) they have not sort to undermine the traditions and institutions  of the country but have added and supported them.

If my views make me racist then sorry I am sorry I feel at the moment we are having the P*ss taken out of us.


The Mad Monk
During WW2 many Jews from all over Europe sought sanctuary in this country, and it was rightly, and justly given. There was no welfare state, and no hand outs. The Jewish community looked after its own, and when the asylum sekkers got on their feet, they in turn helped the newly arrived. Today the Jewish community is alive and well all over the UK with propserous businesses and children who are well educated both generally and in their culture and religion, yet integrated into British society.

There is the model for how it should be done. Allow in the genuine cases, but ensure that their own community looks after them. There should be no state benefits, except free primary and secondary education and primary healthcare. After 3 months assistance in housing (enough time to find work) the asylum seeker is required to fend for his or herself and their family with the assistance of their local community. They should pay taxes like everyone else, and after a decent period of time should be granted citizenship with all of the rights and protection therein. Those economic migrants with skills should be granted work permits of 5 years, which they apply to renew. They should have no rights to the welfare state and again, should fend for themselves paying the appropriate taxes. After 25 or 30 years of keeping out of trouble (a conviction means serving your sentence before you and you family are put on the 1st plane home) and paying taxes, the migrant should be eligible to apply for citizenship should they so wish. All applicants for citizenship should have to take a test on British culture and history as well as basic language proficiency.

I think this is entirely fair, and soes not discriminate or close the doors either to economic migration or genuine asylum seekers.


Assylum Seekers are welcome in this country as others, it is the economic immigrants who say they are assylum seekers that I do not want.

I maybe a thick jock, but how can assylumm seekers come from every fraction, colour, and religion and the same country, for them to be unsafe in their own country, there must be someone/group in charge and maybe they could move into their own groups environment instead of moving country? and for all the do-gooders out there have a look at the map how many countries assylum seekers can actually claim the UK is the 1st safe place to theirs.

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