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all your points spot on, I have an issue ops vest that sometimes gets an airing, I improved the mag pouch situation by cutting off the fitted magazine pouches (impossible to fasten one handed fastex clips, complete w*nk) and getting my freindly neighbourhood cobbler to sew on a PLCE ammo pouch in its place.just the job! still lop sided with 120 rounds in though.........

However the issue PLCE webbing is top notch and more than adequate when packed and put together properly. Nuff said. Nice to have the odd warry walt moment with yer vest on though..............! :wink:
Back in my OTC days, nearly 10 years ago now, I had PLCE and an assault vest that I bought from Stringtown Supplies. The assault vest was fantastic. It was similar to the current PLCE one except that it had two buckles on the front instead of three and the map pockets didn't have zips. Also, the two chest pockets were zip fastening. All poches could be closed one handed as the female fastex was fixed to the poch lid. Other than that it was identical to the PLCE one. I would love to get my hands on one cos I foolishly gave it away to some donk from a TA RGJ unit. Does anyone have one?

Anyway, assault vests, no good for driving if fully laden. But if you're driving just hang your kit up in the cab and drive without it. I drove for our OTC gun troop for a week without needing to get my webbing on in a hurry.

Assault vests are good for wearing with bergans though.


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Reference the fixed female clips, Troopers of Military Road, Colchester do them as a std mod and can stiffen the front of the pouches if necessary.
There's a choice of two sizes of clips too, (go for the larger ones.)
They can also be replaced in the fd should they break - having said that I've never seen one go.
Bell them on 01206 511 268.
There now issuse if you need them .You can load one up with 25kg and do the cft rather use the bergan though .Arrse ninja driving for the otc is slightly diffrent than driving round basra :) and its quite possible to drive with assault vest suggest 10kg of haribro is a
bit excessive.
It wasn't the haribo that was the problem, it was the "how to sound like a rupert when you obviously aren't" book and all the student loan applications.

But its a fair point Otterburn isn't Basra.
Most of the command kit should go in a daysac but i guess the otc want it immediatly to hand .No wonder you couldn't reach the wheel with nyrex ,aidememorie ,binos ,mapcase, and any other vital kit slung round you.
Actually the marsh the other side of the alshatt in winter the only diffrence to otterburn is palm trees :) .Cold wet muddy and the only fool there were squaddies.
Hey, when I was in the OTC we took things very seriously. We carried tons of FFDs even though we were nowhere near a live round, and survival kits in case we got lost on the way back from the mess to the billet. And yes we all bought ridiculously priced GPS 'cos Bravo Two Zero used them, even though we didn't know how to use them. And we all refused to use the velcro on our webbing pouches in case the enemy heard it ('cos they wouldn't hear the patrol crying in the dark: "I don't like it!" "Ow, I've fallen over!" "Get a grip!" "Where's the ERV again?" "Are we there yet?" "I was a cadet RSM I should be in charge!")

I remember one lad carrying the best bit of kit in his assault vest at Otterburn - Travel Scrabble

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