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Assualt Vests

Lads, what is the best Assault vest that I can get.. Arktis looks a good buy, 1601 version. Anyone got any recommendations?

Also can you do a CFT wearing an assault vest or does it have to be webbing?
You can do it in whatever but A) its most likely to be just a bergan and B) why would you want to tab in something that is flatening your chest and restricting breathing. Stick to your webbing dude its hard wearing replacable and designed for the job!

Theres nowt wrong with what the queen gives ya laddy!
Just got a Arktis SAS smock, wore it for an ex a few weeks ago, all i can say is mmmmmm.... toasty. fook knows what the assalt vests are like, too cheap to buy any guchi kit. should be alright on a CFT tho.


Kit Reviewer
Bad_Crow said:
You can do it in whatever but A) its most likely to be just a bergan and B) why would you want to tab in something that is flatening your chest and restricting breathing. Stick to your webbing dude its hard wearing replacable and designed for the job!

Theres nowt wrong with what the queen gives ya laddy!
Unless you have to drive.
But fair one for the CFT, though as you say the norm is with a bergan.

CF, if you decide that a vest is what you need check out the Arrse shop, you won't get a better deal on MilSpec kit:

vests are good for sitting on your arrse all day, for anything else they can be a pain, ranges and most other things you cant go far wrong with an issue belt rig.

iv got the issue assault vest, had no dramas but would like one of those sideways pouch thingys. they look cool. heard someone call it a marines rig dont quote me on that.

vests are for posing and lazy arrses. (both of which i have active participation in)

good luck
Okay Im gonna suffer some p1ss taking for this but even if you have to drive your issue webbing is fine.

Just turn it round... You know, Put it on backwards. Either with or without yoke... Works fine for me. Then as soon as you dismount just shuffle it round and Roberts your fathers brother!

Adapt and overcome. As far as your kit is concerned the next option doesn't always involve your wallet.

As i said it works for me... If it doesnt suit you then fcuk off down to Walts Kit shop and dent your already pathetic bank balance! In my opinion they dont pay us enough to buy our own!


Kit Reviewer
Bad_Crow said:

In my opinion they dont pay us enough to buy our own!
Shouldn't you be in 1 HLDRS ?


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Considering your avatar & loc I might never have guessed.
I beleive the new Arktis SIGMA vest is the dogs dangly bits....

Bit pricey though, but it did give me a stiffy...
If you are going to get Vest I would reccomend getting the STD PLCE one...there great and durable!

also if your unit alows you, Blackhawke do some good vest, with an arangment of snap-strap and A.L.I.C.E straps, so you can chop and change the pouches to suit!

Hollos Fcuk off back under that rock u live under u turd Burglar! Not only did i already say that but i also said i didnt fcuking want one Tut tut... What a Fcuking mong. Cheers gingwarr
dont bother vest are only good for rover based ops like iraq were a quick exit is a good fookin option. i wore a blackhawk crossdraw vest for my sixmonths and it was the dogs. however i also wore one for a foot ex and it nearly killed me, stick to issued kit for anything else, CFTs and the like. vests are shite axcept for urban ops likr iraq. forget the gucci looks but whatever turns you on!
Right here goes......

I used to work for Arktis, so I know a little bit about there vests, Arktis have over the years made some of the best equipment available in the market place, but as times have gone on, they have started to make their equipment "over seas", they use the same factory as Highlander and Webtex / Thatchreed. If you look at the webtex ops vest irr and the Arktis 1601 vest they are very simular in design, they use the same material and both come from the same factory.

The problem with the vest's being produced overseas is that they may / may-not be IRR. The best bet is an Arktis Marine Hybrid Battlevest, this takes the best parts of the 1601 and mixes it with a better magazine load carry ability, thus giving you maximum load for your money, as this vest is produced for 40 Cdo, and then any extra ones sold off, you can be sure it is IRR, but then you do pay slightly more for it.

If you happen to be a driver, then go for an advanced chest rig, it has all you need, and you can still wear it in a driving role.

For Bergans, go have a chat with Dragon in Colechester as they do an excelent Bergan.

Smocks - I have always used a SASS one, and its still going strong 10 years later.

If you want any more info, then please page me via this site.

Rural/long term ops, go for issue belt webbing. Vehicle or urban stuff go for issue chest rig or issue assault vest. It's that simple. I have never used an assault vest, mostly because my chest rig or belt webbing have been able to do every thing I have ever needed them to.
Assault vests are for looking good in, now i spend a lot of time sitting on my backside in CP tents i find they're are handy for kepping lots of pens, smokes, mobiles, choccy etc. in but try wearing one on exercise or ops... FIBUA, Assault, my arse...try crawling through mouseholes with that lot on and lets not even think of S10's tied on with bits of string!
That said i do like mine in the right situations so if anyone was gona get one i think an issue one is a good bet as at least you've got some chance of exchangeing it if you do damage it or wana sell it to make some hard cash...just a thought.
Assault vests (who knew they could give a singlet such a warry name?) are of limited value. If at all possible you should never attempt to 'assault' anything in it. Granted they make sitting in a vehicle all day a bit comfier and will allow you to take all your bits and bobs with you when you have to debus in a hurry. An assault vest's main limitations are:

1. It covers up all your smock pockets.
2. Unless you have the velcro ones you can't do your pouches up singlehandadly, meaning that you will haemorrhage mags 'all uber es platz'.
3. The issue one was not designed for the A2 magazine.
4. It becomes lopsided when you have 180rds of 5.56 on one side and a spare pair of socks on the other.
5. If you use the rear two pouches when sat in a wagon, your kidneys will feel like you have been for a week long bender with Oliver Reed.
6. Have I mentioned how difficult it makes leopard crawling? Bread and butter stuff.

The one thing I like about the assault vest is the pistol holder contained within the zip. Ali and practical. Whatever you do, do not buy an assault vest. If you are doing veh ops you should be issued one, which will be more robust than anything you can buy in Bob's PRI.

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