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Association of Ammunition Technicians Dinner

Hi Folks. As agreed at the AGM last year, we're planning a Dinner Night on Sat. 9 May 2009 which is open to anyone who wears or has worn an AT or AE Badge, irrespective of past or present rank. Limited accomodation will be available.

7.30 for 8, Black Tie, Lazy "K" Sgts Mess.

E-mail your interest or queries to "ammotechs@yahoo.co.uk", putting "Dinner" in the subject box.

Non-members are especially welcome.


Bob. :D
Could someone please put this on C&A?

rmgbem, please keep up old chap, this was posted on C&A over a week ago (by one of the organisers at the Lazy K).

Of course you could always join C&A and do it/check for yourself :roll:

ps are you going to let people know that you've recieved their replies / requests for accom etc as comms are limited out here in "the 'Stan" :(
Hi GOG - I leave C&A to you younger serving members. The pace is far too quick on my side of 50!

I'm currently in Algeria until March 12th then straight off to Spain for 2 weeks but I'll do my best to keep people informed.

I'll ring Lazy K on Monday regarding coord'ing all of this but at this stage it's peoples' committment we need to make in viable - but we're getting there!

Keep your head down! :D

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