Association of Ammunition Technicians AGM & Lunch 2008

Dear AT Arrse'ers. As has become traditional at this time of the year, I stick my head above the parapet risking a metaphorical stoning from "qman", failed ATs and the like and announce the AAT AGM 2008.

It will be held in the Royal Spa of Leamington, in the Shire of Warwick on Saturday October 25th 2008 and is open to anyone who wears or has ever been eligible to wear the AT or AE Badge, even if they were later commissioned.

I will shortly be e-mailing details to all current members but eligible pers. that are not currently members are encouraged to contact myself for further details by either sending me a PM or e-mail to or Please include your Army Number and Course Year and Suffix, i.e. "78A".

"ATs always leave a smoking hole"!
I might be able to make that one, if i get my posting sorted and i stop being a tw@t and sort out my membership.
Hi Dingerr. You can pay your membership with your lunch booking. Joining pack on the website or e-mail "". Be there or be talked about!
Don't forget ....! Returns to RH by 11 Oct please.

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