Association of Ammunition Technicians AGM 2011

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ammo Techs, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. The 15th Association AGM & Lunch will be held on Saturday October 29th, 2011 in the North Oxfordshire Area.

    All Ammunition Technicians, Ammunition Examiners and TA Equivalents currently serving, or who have served as Junior NCOs, Senior NCOs or Warrant Officers and Associate Members, are invited to attend along with their guests to lunch. Members are always encouraged to bring along a new member. Annual fee (£10.00) can be paid along with the lunch payment (see below).

    The Meeting will be followed by a Buffet Lunch and members are invited to bring personal guests. The cost will be £21.00 per head and seats must be booked in advance but no later than October 14th. Payment will be required with the booking and cheques should be made payable to “Association of Ammunition Technicians”. Members that do not pay their subscription by Standing Order are asked to include their annual subscription of £10.00 at this time.

    The programme for the day will be as follows:

    1030 – 1120 Arrival reception and refreshments.

    1130 – 1245 The AGM 2011.

    1300 - 1500 Buffet Lunch.

    1430 – Post-Lunch Reception & Networking in the Main Bar.

    Discounted accommodation is available at the venue (£60.00 Twin/Double, £50.00 Single; includes breakfast).

    Furher details on all aspects of the AGM have been emailed to members and are also available directly from the Chaiman by emailing "".
  2. I'm in, might even stay, now it's not in that terrible place in Leamington. Have to dig me drinking trousers out. (Wait! I'm wearing them!)
  3. I went last year met some REALLY old friends, abused my liver big time, going again this year.

    I'm glad the venue is changing, I was waiting so long at the bar last year. I almost sobered up.
  4. Remember - All AT's (and ex-AE's etc), serving or retired, are welcome.
  5. Would a ex RQMS at the school or ammo be welcome to come along with his son who is waiting to start phase one as an AT? many thanks
  6. I'd like to join the Association, but can't make the event due to "other commitments."

    PM me with details if this is poss.

  7. Hi Guys. Just a few words of woffle to bump this up the list!
  8. Time to start finding your cheque books chaps.
  9. Anymore for anymore? Some seats still available. Additional attractions this year; MS giving a talk about "The Furry Dice Brigade" and representatives from the Felix Fund to do a bit of advertising and raise a bit of extra cash.

    Be there or be talked about!
  10. Closing date extended to Oct 25th so no excuse. Won't be there myself but have a good one.