Association of Ammunition Technicians AGM 2010

Discussion in 'RLC' started by rmgbem, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. The Association AGM & Lunch for 2010 will be held on Saturday October 23rd, in the Leamington Spa area.

    All Ammunition Technicians, Ammunition Examiners and TA Equivalents currently serving, or who have served as Junior NCOs, Senior NCOs or Warrant Officers and Associate Members, are invited to attend along with their guests to lunch. Members are also encouraged to bring along a new member.

    The Meeting will be followed by a 5 Course Lunch to which members are encouraged to bring guests. The cost will be £18.50 per head and seats must be booked in advance but no later than October 14th. Payment will be required with the booking and cheques should be made payable to “Association of Ammunition Technicians”. Members that do not pay their subscription by Standing Order are welcome to include their annual subscription of £10.00 at this time.

    The programme for the day will be as follows:

    1030 – 1120 Arrival reception and refreshments.
    1130 – 1245 The AGM 2010.
    1315 - 1515 Lunch.
    1415 – Post-Lunch Reception & Networking in the Main Bar.

    Accommodation is available at the venue and further details on all aspects of the event area available from The Chairman at or on the website
  2. Tickets are going fast - get your bid in now to avoid dissapointment!
  3. Room booked, money saved, Aspirin packed. Must tell the Misses though.
  4. That's the spirit!! See you at the bar.
  5. Before I left home on Saturday my wife said "will you be meeting anyone you served with?" I said "probably", she said "I'll see you Wednesday then".

    Had a great night (I think), left the bar at 0130 ish, room found, eventually, money spent, Aspirin used.

    To the lads I spoke to at the bar, it was a pleasure talking to you. To those I didn't speak to, I be back next year ha ha.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it. Moving on next year - we've used the same venue for around 6 years now but it's clear we've outgrown their capacity.
  7. Any ideas where yet?
  8. Working on it. Will have it finalised and announced in January 11.