Association of Ammunition Technicians AGM 2007

Discussion in 'RLC' started by K80RMG, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Quick diary note guys, this years AGM will be on Sat. 29 Sep, in Leamington Spa.

    Once I've sorted out the admin, I'll get full details on the website and an e-mail all members, RAOC & RLC Journals, Soldier Mag and anywhere else where that is appropriate and free!


  2. Thought I'd revive this as a reminder. New members are welcome and encouraged. Open to anyone who has qualified as a serving Ammunition Examiner or Technician.

    E-mail for details or go to .

    Be there or expect to be talked about!!!


  3. OOOEEERRR a "blast" from the past..
  4. Would welcome someone putting a reminder on C&A please. I am registered but don't appear to have the right permissions to create a new post. Cheers.
  5. Very good! :D
  6. Just checked my diary and I'm watching paint dry all that day, shame. Still should be more interesting than a Ammo Tech AGM!
  7. Do I detect the whine of one who failed Ammo Tech Selection?
  8. Not going to start this dull crap again, why do you all think everyone that pokes fun at a AT probably failed the Cse? I suppose replies like this are what you would expect by a 22 Yr old AT SNCO!
  9. As an AT with over 20 years service in the Trade, my general experience points me to the conclusion that everyone wants to be an AT but those who can't, "slag off" those who are!!! Therefore, the simple remedy to this is; If you're not eligible to attend the AGM then fcuk off elsewhere and organise your own AGM!
  10. Oh Dear. Yet another thread by AT's, about AT's, for AT's. Have to agree with MMS and gently remind the Wolf Man that no we didn't all want to be AT's and it doesn't come down to can't. It's more a case of not as long as the hole in my arrse is brown would I want to count bullets at Kineton. The quicker the RE take EOD under their wing the better for all concerned. You can then lobby the CRE for your danger pay! (only if your EOD mind - the rest of you will become.........let's have a look........yes that's right ........Ammo Storeman. Hang on arn't Suppliers carrying out that function already? Not really anything left after that that really is there.......Stacker!) Enjoy your AGM. The grass in my Garden should have grown about 4cm's by the time you lot have finished blowing smoke up your own arrses(and by the way grass is definatley greener).

    Rather than crowd the rest of the corps out of the RLC forum with your AT related shenanigans why don't you ask for your own forum that way I promise not to come and take the p155 like the nasty little wannabes that AT's percieve the rest of us to be
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Valid post by K80RMG as a reminder for those who may want to attend the meeting. Don't turn it into a pi ssing contest.

    Thanks very much please ta.
  12. Speaking as an Arsser and not as anything else... I think you (qman) need to to stop, take stock of things and then come back when you've sorted yourself out.

    When was the last time you posted a positive comment? Everything you've posted recently has been negative and I for one am getting tired of it. Just seen the post from someone asking for help and the first thing you do is jump in and slag the poor guy. You need to get a grip.

    General Melchet - any chance the MOD's can do anything? This guy is giving arrse a bad name.
  13. I certainly dont want to go into a tirade like qman but, you sir are an arse. And by the way, I passed AT selection.
  14. Thank you for your Support General Melchett & Bomb Doctor. I only revived this as a reminder! I didn't expect the "Spanish Inquistion"!
  15. nobody exp..............ah balls to it
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