Association of Ammunition Technicians AGM 2005

Discussion in 'RLC' started by K80RMG, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Thought i'd give members an opportunity to feedback and tell us their likes and dislikes about the AGM Format, bearing in mind that the committee are unpaid volunteers who are dedicated to the continued success of the Association.
  2. Association of Ammunition Technicians?.........I'll bet the after dinner drinks went with a bang!

    I'll get me coat.
  3. The Falstaff Hotel - Wot a Toilet. Did they run out of beer again?
  4. would have been nice to have been told about it before hand? Or was it only for the SNCO members?
  5. Get with the programme :roll:

    The AT Association is for all AT ranks passed and present. It was opened up to include junior ranks aswell. or

    And you want a third 8O
  6. '' The AT Association is for all AT ranks passed and present. ''

    passed as in passed over for promotion? or past as in former? Clearly you passed through the EFP/CLM net.
  7. There is no mention of JNCO's on the site only SNCO's, WO's and Officers so is it possible to join as a meager ex Cpl A.T. or don't we scrub up good enough?
  8. Apologies - the constitution was changed after last years' AGM. ALL AMMUNITION TECHNICIANS, retired ATs, AEs and Class One ASs and ATs that have been commissioned are eligible for membership. E-mail me at and I'll forward a copy to you. Regarding the website, I'll arrange to get it changed. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. DIARY DATE: AGM 2006 will be on Sat. October 14th.

    Once finalised, details of the venue will be announced in RAOC & RLC Journals, Soldier & RBL Magazine, the Website, e-mail to members and Routine Orders in all establishments that employ ATs.
  10. Get off your high horse, a question was asked about improving the AGM and straight away the lad has pointed out that there is a problem with publicising the event? So what is so wrong with that?
  11. Try a long walk from a short pier Annoyingmooose.

    The guy could have looked at the website, the RLC Gazette, the numerous posters decorating many walls or ask somebody and they may have told him.

    Technically the question wasn't about improving the AGM either, but a general question aimed at the membership of the Association.
  12. Sorry but i cant find the word "Tehnically" in the dictionary? Im not one for nit picking normally, but it appears that you take it to masturbatory levels!
  13. Ok to set a few things straight, before people start murdering each other. I paid my subscription to GD at the school at the start of this year and was informed I would recieve a welcome pack with passwords to website etc. To date this hasnt arrived, and up until it appeared on this thread I didnt even know the web address. I dont read the stainer as its repetitive boring crap, and same goes for soldier. As for posters, no not seen one.

    why does every AT related thread turn into some sort of petty sniping or bickering?
  14. Oh thats easy to answer, because for years, even in the RAOC days, all you lot can talk about was money, and how much you got and how little everyone else got.
    I had my fair share over the years from Bracht to Wulfen to Kineton, Im an ex MTI and I thought we was bad at sniping each other, I see as your trade as moved into the RLC, nothing has changed, just speak to each other FFS
  15. Oh, I don't know if thats true.

    We got rid of MTI's. :twisted:

    Word has it they are coming back in though. :D

    And in my defence of bickering, it was meant to be sarcasm, but annoyingmoose got in first and it was wasted. Don't know why I bother. :roll: