Association Fighting for better equipment

I was in london last monday,as i walked past 10 downing street i came accross a few campaigners and also some veterans. they were campaigning for better and safer equipment. They even showed us that anybit of kit you need you can buy from ebay.!! These guys were called Action For Armed forces .

I was sooo pleased to see these people doing off of their own back and fighting on the behalf of us lads ! there a credit to us !

I'm afraid I'm somewhat sceptical, this appears to be more of an advert for another website rather than trying to bring attention to something.
hi guys,well i was in the forum reading the bits and peices and my wife and i thought it would be appropriate i guess.I have no reason to advertise it i just thought it was interesting ,sorry chaps

Bill & Wendy
No offence intended of course, the original post just reminded me of those damn spambots trying to offload trainers upon everybody. :)
skintboymike said:
Seems to be a genuine cause at first glance, but why post in QM's Forum?
Col Bob Stewart DSO - AAF President
If Bob's behind it then it can't be all bad and I seem to remember when I was in, the QM's was where I usually got my kit or didn't which was more often the case. :wink:
oh i see,whats a spambot ?

no i just thought (well the wife did) that we should tell you chaps that there are a little group of veterans fighting your conrner.

It makes me fell very humble that these gentlemen do this in their own time etc. i wonder how they make money ?? or would they??

anyway i think good on them


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