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Oh yes ! I joined their para course in Texel last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself -- as did the mixed bunch of TA , ex Reg, Swedish and Canadian guys ( and a GIRL !! ). The training was undertaken by a mix of Dutch professionals and Brit Instructors using US para rigs. The guy who runs the ABMP outfit - who by the way often views ARRSE - is a somewhat elderly, idiosynratic, overweight, chain smoking Jock with a heart of solid gold . He has done a considerable amount of time in the system and has friends in higher formations. Could not speak more highly of the organisation. AVOID DRINKING WITH HIM.
Thanks VOG, so it's just a drinking and jumping club (not strictly in that order) run by some of the old and bold.....! There is a mob doing this sort of thing that are a bit suspect (walt-wise) not sure of the name any ideas so they can be avoided.

BTW VOG what did the course cost you including travel and accom?

Nowt wrong with being ' old and bold ' young man ! They do organise other positive and excellent events - as per the website, especially the Commando run in Jockland once a year. One of the groups that seemingly offer lifechanging / semi military walt events are the Legion of Frontiersmen ( well covered in other forums ), and there are others. Just google say ' para wings' or ' para training ' and others will appear. I would suggest that if my course at Texel was anything to go by then 99.999% of the guys undertaking the Dutch wings course were not WALTS -but a fair mixture of say 50% RM, PARA already qualified and the other some 50% TA wanting to see if they could face the ultimate test of leaving a perfectly serviceable aircraft at 2000ft on a regular basis. The Dutch only allow a minimum of 2000ft exits but the course in Estonia goes down to approx 900ft give or take a few angstroms. Just to get the story correct on drinking --- guys who drank to excess to a limit set by the boss the previous night, were binned out the next day and not allowed to jump. Good personal standards were rigourously maintained.
ok sounds like a reasonable outfit. Glad the drinking was not totally out of hand (other than in the bar) as it would be a worry if they were jumping under the influence.

What did it cost you all in?

Simple formula here as regards price/costs. Ask 'em, then add (1)cost of travel to Amsterdam or nearest airport/harbour (2) accommodation say £250 for the week shared accommodation plus (3) drinks (4) insurance -cheapest and best via Endsleigh about £30 ish. Stay at the B and B, camping is too far away from the action. Consider taking a mate on the course but not someone who thinks of it as a holiday.The para centre is a long way from anywhere and non parachuting attached will get mighty bored in minutes. Take a book or two as the course is weather dependant and as is usual with events ' military ' - there can be alot of 'hurry up and wait'. Equally the course can produce injuries, mostly to legs , feet and arms, so if you are driving dont be left in the Netherlands with car and no way home.
Random_Task said:

Could you get us a discount,Sergey? ;)

Edited to add my favourite:

Training Overview:

Knife and shovel fighting
Is that underwater knife and shovel fighting in NBC kit or just the ordinary sort? ;)
Brick2 - I'm enquiring through some of my 'old' contacts. From a look at their web site, it seems very kosher to me. The very best of success to them in their endevours.

As a point of discussion they claim a 'world record' for a 5 man descent from 26,000 on static lined 'round ' canopies. I risk pissing on their parade when I say:

In 1970 I was part of a 16 man group known as JSFFT (Joint Services Free Fall Trials Team) which did a series (approx 100) of such descents across Salisbury Plain, initially on static lined round canopies. Although the 'legal' exit height was 25,000 ft (amsl) owing to O2 restrictions on the equipment, it being a non pressure demand flow, we occasionally exited at 27,000 and did a 'one-off' at 31,000. We alternated day/night descents as the team became familiarised with the drills and to following a compass heading.

The composition of the team was 3 x blades, 4x RAF PJI's, 1x 63 Sqn RCT, 2X Para Regt. ex-Red Freds, the remaining 6 were 'available guys from the Red Freds or air troop blades' The team was commanded by a very youthful Captain Mike Rose.
Not sure about under-water more like under "achiever" did you see some of the photos or people on course.
OK here we go again.
Firstly I would like to know who stated I was one of them ? as Brick insinuates, Secondly the record is 31,300 ft held by us, the 26,000fter was done to take it away from the yanks who were claiming the record at 25,000, pity there is no records of the Brize attempt as they knew about ours and acknowledged it after full details were passed onto them. As to me being the boss I am merely the Secretary. 2 Past bosses were Brigadier Joe Starling and Brigadier Hamish McGregor Present boss I will not divulge on an open forum, you want to know PM or Email me. All Bosses were and are either ex Para Rgt or Serving Para Regt.

I would suggest gentlemen, if you dont kow things then it's better not to pass on rumours until you find out the facts. If anyone wants facts thjen go to the website and press the contact button - dead simple-
Sec1 - I suggest you calm a little bit. I feel that you should amend your web-site on the 26,000ft detail, but thanks for clarifying it for me.

As for our descents, some 100 in all, they were not as I feel you are suggesting some 'record attempt(s)'. These were working jumps, designed to advance our knowledge on 'altitude' operations and write the SOP's accordingly. We operated out of RAF Abingdon. Brize did not exist parawise until late Nov. 1975 and even then the responsibility was given to JATE not No1 PTS.

There was no stage that I can recall that the team were interested in claiming 'records'. In previous years the SAS on the 29th January 1962, exited a team of 8 from a Handley Page Dart Herald over Vixen DZ at an altitude of 34,000, while some time later, a team from Boscombe Down increased that to 35,000. Bearing in mind these were the '60's.

Well done to you guys for putting it together, We had the might of the military machine behind us and more importantly free of charge! I said in my earlier post and I'll repeat for effect, the very best to you and your endevours.
Firstly I was not decrying Jate or yourself, indeed I tried to work with Jate on it had a burst up with a certain Major *******Para rgt who led Jate at the time over it because records were not available (work that one out) and the said Major did try and failed to get the process halted because the team included serving men. There were rumours put out why we had the burst up but I am not and never have been a rumour merchant,. I never meant to infer that your team were doing anything else than they're job.
My main arguement is that people love to slag off things they know sweet * all about such as the "under achievers" and my alleged belonging to "them" as Brick 2 states. If Brick 2 or anyone else wants my details or any other details of the serving and ex serving Officers in the hierarchy then all they have to do is ask in the proper manner with a proper reason instead of placing inuendo's on the forum.
Incidentally over the past 10 years the Association have trained 2834 individuals in getting a parachute qualification with a casualty rate of .75% and an RTU rate of 3.6
Aye sock it 'em big man Sec1. See you on the DZ sometime.

don't make judgment on hearsay, talk to the ABMP if you want to find out more. I went to Texel a few years ago with these guys. Good course and all were very happy to help us novices. Real mixed bag of Reg, TA, Irish, Norwegians, Swedes and Danes and all got along well. Would have gone again but had to bin it due to injury.

Keep up the good work guys.

Capt M
Concur with the above about actually contacting them: I did (you know, the pointy clicky bit where it says 'contact us') and had all the info on the Texel and Estonian courses within minutes. Excellent response from Sec1.

I am now faced with the task of persuading the Obergruppenfuhrer (Domestic) that although it has been 13 years since I last jumped, and yes I am now a boring curmudgeonly old married git with 2 kids and beer belly, that it really would be a good idea for me to go off for a week and fall out of another aircraft.

Tricky. I may be forced to try that 'foreplay' thing I've heard rumours about again.

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