Assisted Swamping

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by monkey_tech, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Having a quick chat with a colleague with how to deal with another problem colleague.
    We came up with the idea of slipping the problem fellow a dose of rhohipnol, from my Friday night bag, then when under it’s influence swamp on his bed, with him in it, so that in the morning he thinks he’s swamped and feels ashamed with our added bonus of knowing we lagged all over him.

    Now where the good fellows of the NAAFI bar comes in, is there a term for this act or have we come up with some thing new?
  2. If you continue the movement to its logical consequence?

    Then its man-rape.
  3. This game is not new.Google for "3 Para Mortars".
  4. Cant you just him bladdered and take him to his bed that is already wet with p1ss.
  5. Date rape drugs to swamp on your oppo? YOU fecking HOMOS

    Get his ale rate up, a few punishment shorts, put him to bed then swamp away

    I have a feeling you'll try and spike him, he'll drink through while you crimp like the fags you are and he will sh+t in your disco shoes for being lame
  6. Put his hand in warm water - no drugs required
  7. Why on earth is he going to feel ashamed? Most blokes go out for a beer and a cigar to celebrate their first swamping.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Crass degenerates.

    Is the fine art of shitting in a mans boot whilst he sleeps entirely dead in the modern world?

    I dont know. You young persons with your awesome freaking black touch screen iPods and notions of swamping. You make me puke.

    Not quite as much as slipping ones foot into a boot and finding it chock full of stone cold shite. Sometimes the old ways are the best.
  9. Got to be a pretty fucking minging grot if he can't smell it...
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    1) Ratted from the night before
    2) Knackered after farting about up a moor all night
    3) Someone big and horrible just screamed something horrible in your ear
    4) Your bestest Bezzas set off an alarm
    5) Someone set fire to your feet
    6) The shite had been chilled to the texture of frozen yoghurt the day before and everybody knew but you
    7) You were too fucked up and pissed off to be sniffing the air before you jammed your foot in your boot
    8.) God speaks to you in your head. And he said nothing about trusting people you sleep with
    9) Although your Mum went to Iceland, she never warned you about cunts shitting in your boots
    10) ceveat emptor

    You have lived a sheltered life, havent you Airbourne?
  11. What a fu.cking bunch of handbags you and your mates are. Are you still at school??

    Why the would anyone be ashamed of swamping.

    If someone tried to my bed to embarrass me I would shi.t in his locker, just to up the anti a little bit.

    You Ponce.
  12. What ever happened to simply having a bundle and knocking this punk out?

    While you're at it, knock yourself out wet-pack.
  13. He's got a CamelBak right?!
  14. What kind of soldier is he if he doesn't get bladdered and swamp himself every night?
  15. AGC probably..........