Assistance with a World War? Thatll be £1bn. Thank you.

Just reading a piece on the BBC website. Little known fact, but apparently we are still paying the good ol' US of A off for their 'assistance' during WW2. I may be slightly glossing up the truth, but basically the US wanted a return on its investment.

Article is here. Well worth a read if you're interested in the quirkier side of life.

Ain't life grand with allies like these!
hmmmm, sorry to disagree, but I think we should pay what is owed.

But not before we take out what they owe for driving around london :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
thats fine, pay it, it was deserved. but what are we charging them for the use of our forces in iraq and afganistan, we were asked to help and we did, surely tony isn't doing it for free????????
Bet you he is...............they both sleep together. Bush is the taker Blair is the giver. No change.

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