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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen

    A BBC radio presenter, on air, has called for the beheading of Faye Turney one of the Royal Navy hostages held by Iran, he has subsequently ‘apologized’ but given the antimilitary stance of the BBC he probably will not be fired if the BBC can keep it out of the mainstream press- 'ignore it and it will go away'.

    If you have a spare moment could you circulate this story around any non UK forums you may be a member of? Especially any that are regularly examined by the Media.

    Source story in the local press –

    And the ARRSE link

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Complaint sent,

    Wait out.
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Message sent ....

    Remarks by Tony Butler regarding the Iranian prisoner Faye Turney ... He told Radio WM listeners: "If she gets her head chopped off, it will serve her right."

    This is surely an offence against the broadcating code, regardless of its utter insensitivity and tastelessness. Is it not time that Mr Butler was rapidly offered an exit clause ... without compensation paid for by licence payers?
  4. Hmm 10 working days should be long enough for the heat to be off!! :x
  5. Done - reminder od BBC motto also sent!
  6. Forwarded to the Drudge Report
  7. Let's see - bet you they will say that he has said sorry and that's enough for them... :(
  8. Note to all:

  9. Complaint made FFS Some people beggar belief.
  10. AJ = c0ck

    He didn't call for her to be beheaded.

    Is the BBC really anti-military? I think not considering the BBC still receives alot of input from the government. The BBC merely reports in a sensationalised manner as many of the other media sources do in order to increase ratings. This method of reporting, by bending the facts is no different to the way you started this thread by bending the facts.

    What this would have to do with other nations and a 'call to arms' is unfathomable.

    For the record i find the aged old windbag Tony Butler's comments out of order, but at the end of the day he is an old man who has had the freedom of the media to spout his bollox for far too long and should be put out to pasture. At 74 years old this is probably the way that the BBC will deal with it.

    Its a shame that the same can't be done with you AJ, but then hopefully cancer will get you or more likely someone will stab you in the eye for being the cnut you are. Stop trying to start battles and have others fight them for you COWARD.
  11. You really are a degenerate non entity Dingerr, still smarting because the MODs gave you a slap for you rabid anti Americanism? Still cheering AQ from the sidelines and rejoicing at reports of US casualties?

    Keep working hard for that O2 Tag, you deserve it.
  12. would that be the same MODs that label you a whinging tw*t?

    Non-entity? Really? and your military service and contribution is? Fcuk all as far as i can see, but then hardly a career suited to a cowardly cnut such as you.

    Rabid anti-americanism - NO - anti knobism -YES - which generally = you.

    Certainly don't cheer on AQ or their tactics, nor do i rejoice in US casualties, i just don't get upset by them, you will find i'm not in a minority.

    So as per usual you twist facts and try and impose your will on ARRSE presuming that it is your domain and what you says goes.

    O2 tag for upsetting poor diddums Armchair Jihad? Would it prevent me from pointing out the knob posts you put out frequently.

    Fecking grow up and get a spine you waste of space.
  13. I am often amazed at what the BBC comes out with at times, So it comes as no surprise when they make daft statements like they do.
    Overpaid idiots
  14. Churchill called the BBC the "enemy within the gates." And that was when we used to hang people who broadcast for evil foreigners. (Lord Haw Haw)