Assistance required to take Ex to Court

Hi, I have had major dramas with the Ex regarding her sticking to our Court Order which was quite specific in the rules we have to abide to.

Background - I had our children for a year after she abandoned them then she pops up demanding them back........brings up depression in court, tears, lies the whole nine yards and gets given the children back!

Now my kids are still happy so I'm happy but she is deleting all my texts I send to them, my parcels are going missing I send to them(not due to the strike) most of which I can live with cause I know she will never get the boys to hate me which is her main goal.

My problem is this I have them (court Order) for every day they are on holiday and this Xmas my parents and I are taking them to Disney Land Florida departing from Gatwick. My parents were going to collect boys from Chester then drive down to me then onwards to Gatwick which makes sense and stops me from driving 6 hours north to collect my boys then drive 6 hours back again when my parents can do it on the way down. Now she is refusing to let my parents pick them up and demanding that I do the journey.

How can I take this back to court to get this decision made by myself without solicitors ect, is there a form I have to do ect. Many thanks for any assistance I know I yapped on a bit much there.
A post on the wikivorce forums might produce a better answer than here. A few family briefs post advice on there on a regular basis and might be able to answer your question.


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