Assistance required in tracking down British Military Zippo Lighters.

Hi All
Have been collecting British Military Zippo Lighters for some years now, and a few years ago decided to create my own web site well the yanks have lots of them, so I thought us Brits should have one also.
Anyway its not as easy to collect British Military Zippos, since they were never really offered to the general public to buy, only service personnel got a chance of getting one, from their unit etc. So its been a hard slog to get them.
So now days the only place I can get them, is if they appear on eBay, with a few exceptions.
Most of the ones I have are of the older regiments, since it seems that the newer regiments do not seem to have them made and the few who do, go for the stuck on emblem types, which I do not collect. (Anyone can stick a emblem on a Zippo) The engraved then enamelled painted ones are the best ones to have.
So if anyone has one that they no longer need and want it to go to a good home, let me know, especially if its one I have not got on my web-site already, I will offer a reward for any I like and the Zippo will never be sold.
My web site is a work in progress, I have lots more British Military Zippos to add, when I have time, so please do comment on the site and let me know what you think especially if I have messed up on some of the information regarding units, regiments, corps, HM Ships, RAF Squadrons etc.
If anyone offers you a brass engraved one from the falklands, with a name and dates engraved down the side (1987) please pm me, I would like to kick the thieving little shits head in.
it was similar, but had no enamel. just map of FI on the front with flag in it and "invaded by Argie forces.....1982, Liberated by British forces......1982" on the back. down the side was my name and dates I served down there. It was a leaving present from my lads, and meant alot to me. left it on the bar at RAF St Mawgan, went to the loo and when I came back it was gone, and nobody saw anything.


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I've got one of them in the fridge


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you never know when the bulb might fail :)

stops the fuel evaporating as I dont smoke. only used them when I could fill up at the pol point.

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