Assistance required in tracking down Army Medical Services Zippo Lighters

Hi All
Just wondering if anyone new of any medical services that still produced Zippo Lighters for their units etc. I collect British Military Zippo Lighters and have my own web site,
I have been collecting for years, but only have 2 Zippos which come under the category Army Medical Services and that is a 1985 Royal Army Medical Corps - 2 Field Hospital & 1992 Royal Army Veterinary Corps. I am always on the look out for any British Military Zippos, dose not matter what condition they are in, as long as they are Zippo's and have a engraved designed, not looking for the stuck on emblem types.
Please have a look at my web site, let me know what you think
2 Field Hospital RAMC - 1985.jpg Royal Army Veterinary Corps - 1994.jpg
Last time i checked the AMS did 4 zippo's each with one of the 4 AMS cap badges on it
I didn't see any the last time I was in the AMS Museum Shop but I got one from the Pirbright PRI. 'Bout 17 bucks?

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