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Alright guys,

Looking for abit of help.

Last year i fell through a window on Ex (ha...) and came down full weight on my right wrist in full CEFO with weapon + CBA.

Initially i got the usually wrist/hand pain when i tried to move it and after 3 - 4 weeks it seemed back to normal. However every so often since then say, if i knock my wrist (pushing an open door whilst walking quite fast for example) the pain comes back and takes a few weeks to get rid of.

Now I'm persuming its tendon damage which is entirely possible and after having a shufti into it I see that i have to gently build up the strength in said wrist. So i bought a powerball and thats helping - However I keep knocking it and the pain returns again untill I rest it for 3- 4 weeks.

So my first question is this - Is there a better way to recover from this injury?

And my second question is what other ways can I do upper body phys that will help my arms/shoulders/chest without pressups/pullups in the mean time?

Thanks in advance, any help will be extremely appreciated.

If you see a well qualified Sports therapist they will not only be able to help id the injury and repair it -(as would the physio) they will not only show you how to make it workagain, but show you the best way to train to work the other muscles and get you back FIT rather than just functional!
As above, see somebody qualified. Impossible to diagnose/treat over the net.

If it is tendon damage, which it sounds like it could be a bit of tenosynovitis, there is nothing you can do but give it time to heal, and depending on the damage, can take a very long time. Apply RICE, anti-inflams and take it easy with it!

I knew a bodybuilder who was out of training for a year due to tendon damage in his shoulder.
Thanks for the advice guys (yes, this is a dig up).

Went to see a sports physio and all it took was 1 x £35 session to tell me its actually broken!

Hospital for me this week :roll:

Again, thanks!

Not 100% certain to be honest TopChick.

Its the bone thats runs through the middle of my actual wrist, on my good hand its all joined together when i bend my wrist down, on the knackered one when i bend the wrist in the same motion, not only does it hurt like feck but a bone raises up against my skin and where the other wrist is all one solid area, this one has a soft spot below the lump.

Pump description i know...

I'll know more after the x-ray tommorow I guess :D

I read the first post and was going to say - "sounds like you actually broke it mate" but I see you've now found that out yourself.

Lessons learned - See your GP/MO first!

Did mine a couple of years back. Nasty injury. Good luck!
Just thought i'd give an update on this and ask three further questions.

After my first physio who told me it was broken I went to my GP and they refered me for an x-ray, the X-ray came back as nothing was wrong despite the obvious deformation in the wrist the GP insisted nothing was wrong.

I left it awhile and got worried about it as a career ending injury when I took up the advice of those here and went to see a good sports physio at my own expense (this one was more expensive than the last but she is the physio for a big football team's under 21's).

My wrist was actually dislocated, the bone that was sticking up when I bent it was my Capitate (Capitate).

Now when I fell through the window as mentioned above it dislodged it, the physio I saw re-set the bone for me there and then and now the pain has gone pretty much.

Now, the problem. She tells me the bone is loose, so i can pop it in and out fairly easily, she showed me how to pop it in myself (had to do this last night... was quite interesting!). So basically if a fall and land on my right hand the bone will pop out and I have to put it back - this isn't very ideal for mil type work. The alternative she gave me was an injection by a specialist that will fuse two of my wrist bones together to prevent it from being so loose, I've dismissed this at first as I figured the Army will be picky about it (i'm going on tour next year). She tells me that there won't be any loss of movement/strength but i've seen how **** the Army can get over things like this.

My first question is: Has anyone had experience of the above? In terms of having two bones fused together in the wrist? Was the Army bothered? Or is there someone I can speak to or write to within the Army to ask this question?

My second, is when doing pressups on your knuckles do you have the fingers facing in towards eachother or down towards your feet?

My third is what excercises can I do with dumb bells that will work my triceps?

The last two questions are relavent to my problem as I struggle doing prolonged excercise where my wrist is fully flexed (due to this stupid bone popping out) such as pressups and tricep dips, I'm fine say pulling myself up a wall or anything like that.

Sorry for the long post, but there's been good advice here in the past so I thought I'd try here first!

Triceps with dumbells or barbells:

Lie on your back, raise your arms upwards, so they're at a right angle to the floor. Keeping your elbows at the width of your shoulders, lower the bar or dumbell towards your head, touch to your forehead then go back up, bend only at the elbow, and do it slowly.
dhgrainger1 said:
Triceps with dumbells or barbells:

Lie on your back, raise your arms upwards, so they're at a right angle to the floor. Keeping your elbows at the width of your shoulders, lower the bar or dumbell towards your head, touch to your forehead then go back up, bend only at the elbow, and do it slowly.
Cheers for that mate, just tried those now - felt the burn!

Any help from anyone on my other questions would be great.

Another one, if you can't be arrsed lying on your back is to raise your arm (one at a time) upwards to the ceiling, to make a line with your body, then bending at the elbow lower the dumbell behind your back as far as possible, then bring back up. It's harder to keep good form on this set though, so I wouldn't reccomend it, I just do the plain old lying on my back.
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