Assistance for the Families of Lateral Transferees to ADF

Ian McNamara, or Macca, has a radio program every Sunday morning, broadcast all over the world, through the ABC's local and international broadcasting services.

The program consists of Macca talking to people who call in, finding out about them, a bit of music, a bit of information and chatting with friends. He clearly loves what he does and loves talking to people from all over Australia - which is the name of the program - "Australia all Over."

I'd suggest that anybody who wants to learn more about Australia and Australians should join the two million or so people who listen to Macca on Sunday. It's an old fashioned, rather corny sometimes, but extremely informative, especially about the Australia that's outside the cities.

Podcasts are available at
Dear All

I had a good meeting with Chris Grigsby, Head of Business Relationships at Defence Health. He is getting back to me on some more detailed questions but the basics are:
As an ADF member all your health services (Doctor, dentist, physio) are organised and paid for by the ADF.
As a family what you need to consider is private health insurance for your dependants – spouse and kids. They get access to Medicare (members don’t as you are covered by ADF). The Australian government has various ‘carrot & stick’ tax breaks to encourage you to take out private health insurance. The best guide so far to this that I have found is
‘Insure? Not sure?’ which can be found at

Under Defence Health you, the ADF member, take out the policy but it is for your spouse and kids. Chris is confident that Defence Health will be able to offer the most reasonable price for cover as they are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and only provide insurance for the Defence community. If you have gone to another Health Insurance Company (other than Navy Health ) please do contact Defence Health to see if they can match the fees.
I have done a ‘lateral’ guide to the application form, Chris is going to get this checked and hopefully it will be accessible via Defence Health website.

If you have any questions or problems please do let me know, again Chris is happy to set a ‘Lateral’ expert at their call centre.

Meant to add that new immigrants have one year (from the date your medicare card was issued) to take out Private Health Insurance without attracting the age loading under Lifetime Health Cover.
Also when you leave the ADF you do not attract the loading as the cover provided by the ADF is considered to have been 'private health' and you are just 'transfering' between providers.

Hi had some questions

1. about dental treatment for adults and Kids

2. About pre existing medical conditions

Hope the following helps

Best to go to Defence Health home page - dental work comes under extra cover.
For kids have a look at Medicare Teen dental plan

With regards to to preexisting medical conditions there is a one year waiting period (all health funds have it here). The PHIAC booklet explains the law behind it.
If you require prescription medication i would advise that you look at Medicare PBS
and the list of prescriptions that attract PBS
to see if the current medication you are on comes under PBS, if it doesn't you might see if your UK Doctor will give you a year's supply.

For the Ladies


I would advise you to have implants or IUDs replaced before leaving UK. Out here you have to pay for the prescription and procedure, and often it is done by a specialist so costs $$$. Much easier / cheaper to get it done by the GP in UK.

Are you arriving in January or February 2010? If so please could you email or message me with your arrival information so that I can check with the local DCO and your unit that they know you are arriving. If they have been in contact and it is all hunky dory could you let me know as well. I just don't want anyone left at the airport!

Sorry this was new to me but I have researched it and you do have to pay a contribution for your accommodation upon arrival, and with the help of PACMAN I will now hopefully guide you through the rules.

Chapter 14
part 3.13 lists your entitlements for travel and removal if you enlist Overseas (UK).
e. one nights accommodation upon arrival or departure
f. Temporary accommodation allowance & rent allowance at initial posting location.

Then you go to Chapter 7
part 4.4 deals with temporary accommodation allowance and part 6.17 deals with rent allowance - both state that the ADF member must contribute to the cost.
still in chapter 7
part 4.26 is the weekly amount of contribution the ADF member has to pay which directs you to Annex 7.A3 (contributions for temp accom are the same as rented accom).
ie a Sgt & family in a 2 bed serviced apartment for 7 days pays $178.06 towards the accommodation, nothing towards his meal costs and $29.61 towards the utilities costs.
part 4.15 sets out a table of for how long you get the temp accom allowance for 2. - says six weeks, but 5. - says if you turn down a service residence without good reason it stops.

I am unsure how the money is paid to the ADF it might come out of your pay packet.

Early 2010 arrivals,
OK I have families arriving from UK & NZ going to the following units. If you like to help them settle in please message me & I will pass on your details
Schools of Artillery & Infantry & Military Engineering,
5 Avn,
1 & 3 CSSB,
1 & 3 CSR,
Avn Training Centre,
7 Sigs,
5 RAR,
I know most of you will have already been in touch (a big THANK YOU) but the more the merrier.

************VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT****************
Members of the public have been encouraged to comment on a plan to simplify and streamline Australia’s visa system.
Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans said a discussion paper, Creating a Simpler Framework for Temporary and Permanent Entry to Australia, had been released for public comment.

Please comment on this discussion paper in regards to the inequity of lateral recruit partners and children 16 years and over who do not gain citizenship with their serving ADF partner (& children under 16!).
This lack of citizenship results in lack of job opportunities, inability to join the ADF, lack of education opportunities, difficulties when traveling and most sobering possible problems accessing benefits if your ADF partner should die in the first 2 years of residing in Australia.

Please pass this onto as many people (laterals or not!) lets make some noise!

PS I will be asking the DFA Convenor to place a submission as well.

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