Assistance for the Families of Lateral Transferees to ADF

Discussion in 'Australia' started by DFA_Lateral_Transfer, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. New Lateral Transfer Officer

    Historically the ADF has recruited skilled mature defence force members from other countries and their families often accompany these members. With the announced increase in Defence personnel numbers this tradition will continue and in line with DFA’s primary aim to improve the quality of life of all Defence families, DFA is pleased to announce the appointment of a Lateral Transfer Officer to provide advice and support for families coming to Australia* as well supporting DFA’s primary aims. Over the coming months we will be working with her to populate our website with information to assist lateral recruits coming to Australia and those already here. Our Lateral Transfer Officer can be emailed at the following address, or look for her details on our website.


    * Due to the voluntary nature of the Delegate’s role, individual advice and support can only be offered to those families who have completed the visa process.
  2. Hi

    As you can see from the above I have been appointed to assist families who are transferring to the ADF. The role is very new and I hope to talk to as many lateral families already in Australia to see what your experiences have been and what advice you would give to others transferring.
    DFA would like to publish that advice on our website, either as general information or location specific.
    DFA will then go on to discuss the obstacles, inconsistencies and problems Lateral Families face with Minister for Defence Personnel, Material and Science, the Chief of Defence Force, other senior Defence personnel, stakeholders such as Defence Housing Australia and others as required.

    Please do PM me, email me or just register on the DFA website.
  3. Hi

    There seems to be some suspicion about the Defence Families of Australia and me. We both are above board; my new role was announced in the winter issue of Defence Family Matters.

    I am a ‘spouse of’ , not a member of the ADF, and this role is totally voluntary – I do not get paid a cent and do not require any monies from you.

    DFA is a little like AFF, but tri-service and we only have 2 paid positions!

    I took this role on after meeting so many Lateral Transfer Families who had experiences and advice that would have really helped to know before we made our move over here.
    So the first part of my role to try to gather as much of this information and make is accessible to all Families coming over here.
    The second part is to look at the support systems that are (or not) in place for Lateral Families when they arrive and for DFA to work with all the various agencies to ensure every Lateral Family get the support they want.
    Finally there are various procedure and legal problems that Lateral Families encounter that DFA will highlight to the Minister responsible for Defence Personnel and the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF).

    While my boundaries are that I can only give help to individuals who have completed the visa process, I will try to post regular updates about new information on DFA website, you need to register on the website (no fee) and there is a wealth of information already on it, including links to PACMAN which is the ADF pay/benefits/allowances regulations.
  4. Morning or Afternoon,

    You are most welcome on this forum your initiative is a cracking idea which I am sure we will all come to appreciate. Don't worry about us lot we are a suspicious bunch. If you ever have the time have a look around the website and you will see why. With it being an open forum you have everyone from Journo's to Jihadi's having their say looking for quotes and clips for their own publications.

    I have seen the website and will register now and look forward to no doubt asking for some help in the future.

    Do you know if your information will be passed out via SCMA that would aid in dissemination for those not on ArRse and confirm your ID to those rightly sceptical and cumudgeonly chaps.
  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Oh and I can confirm that DFA_Lateral_Transfer is exactly who they claim to be. This method of 'outreach' seems like a cracking idea by them ...... something our own MoD could probably learn from!
  6. Hi Camilla,
    The main thing we found lacking was the ability to house hunt on the DHA site. ADF members access the site by using their PMKeyS number and a password from DHA, we couldn't get a password as we didn't have a PMKeyS number.
    Some people who arrived at the same time managed to access the site by using a guest login, DHA in Darwin couldn't (or wouldn't) do this. It was a small matter and we had a house after about a week, but it would have been nice to have a browse while we were waiting to leave UK.
  7. Nige interesting you should say that I have just tryed logging on the DHA site to see what the score was. Far to early to house hunt but a browse would be nice for planning purposes. The site does suggest that I could be send a pass key or some such when my posting order comes through.

    A guest account for laterals for viewing only purposes would be ideal!
  8. I am sorry if people have been waiting for a reply from me, the internet in Sydney is working at 40% reduction due to someone jack hammering through one of the major fiber optic cables! Please do use my email address instead –

    I am looking into the PMkeYs issue, all 3 Services do it differently - some people get theirs 6 weeks before departing UK.

  9. I sent this to Mrs Loggie but you all might find it helpful

    I am not sure if you are going to work but you might want to look at SWAPP as they can also help with getting your UK qualifications 'translated' into Australian ones! You can also just use the money for training - you do not have to get a job to qualify for the money.
    Please please do use this there were only 415 claims against SWAPP last year and that was for the WHOLE of the ADF – use it or loose it.

    Debbie is an ADF spouse and SWAPP provider, she is more than happy for you to just drop her a line, even before you apply for funding.

    You might also want to look through the ADF Financial Services Consumer Council might be a bit basic put does explain car insurance and personal insurance quite well.
    The budget planner is good as it highlights those things we don't have to pay for in UK like Health Insurance.

    Best of luck with the packing, I would advise that you read the AQIS guidelines really closely, they are very strict
    The shippers should do all of the paperwork, but we were advised to do the following - clean everything that has been outside with-in an inch of it's life, we hired a pressure washer for the weekend and OH blasted the BBQ, bikes, garden tools, I had to bring the dogs inside for their own safety!

    We (me!) scrubbed the bottom of every pair of shoes / boots with a toothbrush and OH cleaned them Army style! We then put each pair into a sealed bag..friends suggested a heat sealer thing
    but I just grabbed some bags from work.
    Anything else that was on the AQIS list we also cleaned and sealed in plastic - like leather dogs leads, wicker baskets and leather riding chaps. All of these we then packed in 2 or 3 boxes listed the items on the outside and marked them up as quarantine items and it seemed to work as we did not have anything destroyed! Xmas decorations seem to be a real favorite for AQIS to burn! – sorry destroy!

    If you would like to email me I can send you a sneak preview some hints & tips, that will be published on the DFA website.

    I am not sure if it has already been mentioned but the ADF and most of Australia go on summer leave from about the 19th Dec and are not back until the 27th Jan..think of BFG in August! so if you need stuff confirmed etc. I would suggest that you have all done by the 14th Dec.

    Also try to get Canberra to issue you a PMKeYs number before you leave UK, the Navy get theirs 6 weeks before departing UK it is your ADF service number and it allows you to access DHA Homefind and other stuff.

    Best of luck and hopefully meet up when you get here

  10. From DFA October 2009 E bulletin
    Update from Lateral Transfer Officer

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me so
    far, your support for this role has been great and I look forward to meeting
    more of you. What have I been doing?

    Citizenship - I have written a paper that was discussed at the DFA annual
    conference about the problems spouses and children, 16yrs and over,
    encounter having to wait 4 years for citizenship. Minister Combet is aware of
    the inconsistencies and it is hoped that these will be addressed as part of
    Senator Evans, Minister for Immigration, amendments to the Immigration Act
    2007. If you have had problems due to your citizenship please do contact me.

    Questionnaire - A Lateral Families questionnaire will soon be available via
    the DFA website. The answers and advice will form part of the information
    available on the DFA website. Along with visiting various bases to talk to
    Lateral Transfer Families about their experiences the questionnaire
    information will be used to highlight ‘problem areas’.

    If you have a group of Lateral Transfer families at your base and would like to
    talk to me about your experiences, please email

    Support and Information - I have also met with the Lateral Recruitment
    Officers for all three services, DCO, ADFFCC, they also have been very
    supportive of this role and we are working together to look at what and how
    information is supplied to Lateral Transfer Families.

    Just in case you thought I was lying on the beach topping up my tan!

  11. Sorry about the length of this post, but it might be of some help for spouses wanting to work in Australia.

    ABN – means Australian Business Number

    List of occupations and the assessing bodies for overseas-trained professionals.

    CPA Australia
    ABN 64 008 392 452
    All States and Territories

    Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
    ABN 50 084 642 571
    All States and Territories

    National Institute of Accountants
    ABN 81 004 130 643
    All States and Territories

    Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
    ABN 83 465 163 655
    All States and Territories

    Cadastral Surveyors
    Institution of Surveyors, Australia
    ABN 39 917 817 054
    All States and Territories

    Australian Dental Council
    ABN 70 072 269 900
    All States and Territories

    Dietitians Association of Australia
    ABN 34 008 521 480
    All States and Territories

    Legal Practitioners
    - Barristers
    - Solicitors

    Legal Profession Admission Board
    ABN 50 581 255 931

    Legal Practitioners Admission Board

    Legal Practitioners Admissions Board

    Legal Practitioners Admissions Board
    ABN 53 925 175 583

    Board of Examiners C/- Legal Practitioners’ Registry
    ABN 16 305 983 353

    Board of Legal Education

    Council of Legal Education

    The Legal Practitioners Admission Board
    ABN 23 127 312 585

    Medical Practitioners (General)
    Australian Medical Council
    ABN 19 814 243 263
    All States and Territories

    Nuclear Medicine Technologists
    Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine
    ABN 42 512 102 604
    All States and Territories

    Occupational Therapists
    Council of Occupational Therapists Registration Boards
    (Australia & New Zealand) Inc
    ABN 50 377 833 627
    All States and Territories

    Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand
    ABN 38 074 875 111
    All States and Territories

    Australian Pharmacy Council
    ABN 45 568 153 354
    All States and Territories

    Australian Physiotherapy Council
    ABN 28 108 663 896
    All States and Territories

    Australasian Podiatry Council
    ABN 24 008 488 748
    All States and Territories

    Australian Institute of Radiography
    ABN 26 924 779 836

    All States and Territories - Registered Nurses
    ACT Nursing and Midwifery Board
    ABN 79 033 475 573

    Nursing and Midwives Board of New South Wales
    ABN 41 356 382 097

    Nursing and Midwifery Board of the Northern Territory
    ABN 43 327 327 719

    Queensland Nursing Council
    ABN 31 518 972 839

    Nurses Board of South Australia
    ABN 61 964 469 696

    Nursing Board of Tasmania
    ABN 33 786 914 844

    Nurses Board of Victoria
    ABN 96 394 267 286

    Nurses and Midwives Board of Western Australia
    ABN 70 013 199 477

    School Teachers
    ACT Department of Education and Training
    ABN 71 506 957 312

    NSW Institute of Teachers
    ABN 82 075 742 456

    Queensland College of Teaching
    ABN 49 750 572 133

    Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory
    ABN 84 085 734 992
    Teachers Registration Board of South Australia
    ABN 18 376 765 315

    Tasmania Teachers Registration Board
    ABN 26 237 631 294

    Victorian Institute of Teaching
    ABN 12 386 253 536

    Western Australian College of Teaching
    ABN 81 079 785 270

    Social Workers
    Australian Association of Social Workers
    ABN 93 008 576 010
    All States and Territories

    Speech Pathologists
    Speech Pathology Australia
    ABN 17 008 393 440
    All States and Territories

    Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc
    ABN 49 337 540 469
    All States and Territories
  12. Hi, hope you are all well.

    As I prepare for my first talk at the RAN lateral entry course I am putting together an information pack. If they don't end up in the bin at the end of the day - I will see if they can be sent out via the various lateral desks in Canberra to you.

    One website you might want to look at in your spare :lol: time deals with private health insurance.

  13. Registration Fees for Spouses

    OK, have had this clarified.

    Under the SWAPP programme there is a Professional Registration Expense Payment bit. If you are required to registered with an Australian professional body in order to work in your profession in Australia, you can claim back the fees for your registration, the cost of copying and certifying of any documents you have to submit for registration, the cost of a Police check (if required) and postage of it all to Australia.

    You will need to submit a receipt for everything you claim for and provide proof that you were working in that profession in UK.

    If you incur further costs – i.e. a full certification following a year with a preliminary certification, again these can be claimed with receipts.

    If you do a course in UK in order to ‘qualify’ to work in Australia in your profession you can claim these fees back from SWAPP. However you must make a claim to SWAPP before you start the course and they require a posting order to ‘prove’ that you are coming to Australia.

    I hope this helps. If you have any problems or questions please do email me.

  14. Hi

    Put this together for Adey but again thought it might be useful for all

    I cannot say that you must see a financial advisor or suggest a firm but it is the one area where laterals can get themselves into a pickle.

    There are all sorts of various rules, two tax systems…plus the fact that the ADF make a lump sum payment into your Superannuation fund, depending on where you are posted you need to consider Health Insurance, Uni fees for kids, life insurance, bringing a lump sum into Oz, your and the OH’s UK State pension, the fact that the ADF member gets citizenship after 90 days while spouse and children over 16 have to wait 4 yrs, etc.etc.

    For who is recommended I would suggest that you try the following websites and have a look at the finance topic boards

    There is one firm, whom offer free advice sheets,

    While the stuff is a little basic the ADF Financial Services Consumer Council has some budget sheets, info on insurance etc. DFA are working with them to try to tailor an information pack for Laterals so any feedback would be great.

    For health care, this is the link to the Government website, the guide is quite good at explaining the various tax breaks etc.

    There is also a scheme here called Salary Sacrifice

    Hopefully this will give you enough info to ask potential advisors the right questions and know when they don’t have a clue !

  15. Human Resources Professionals

    If you are looking to work in HR here in Australia, please PM or email me I have an info sheet put together by a Lateral Spouse on registration etc.