Assisi adopts graves of heroes who fell liberating their cit

In marked contrast to the scum of Manchester:

THE people of Assisi have found a touching way of honouring the sacrifice of British and Commonwealth troops who died liberating their town in June 1944. Aware that the real relatives of the dead soldiers live too far away to visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Assisi, locals have begun “adopting” the graves of the 945 men that are buried there.,,13509-1867429,00.html

The good people of Arnhem & Oosterbeek have done this for a long time.
IIRC it began in 45 & has continued thus down the generations with the school children
adopting a grave & looking after it for their period of education.

The Manchester incident I believe points to the yobs in Manchester demanding "protection money" from the local council to stop them attacking workmen (with bricks & bottles etc) who are trying to renovate a war memorial. These people are scum and should be arrested and forced to work as unpaid labourers in a war cemetary, then perhaps they might realize the error of thier ways.

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