Assiniboia Inn Medicine Hat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Efargee20, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Spent R and R there several times early to mid 80's, what a looser LOL. Most went to Calgary or Montana but no, me and a tankie mate stayed there for 10 days. Never saw the light of day cause you could use the door from the reception straight into the bar. Anyoner got any pics of the place, cant find anything bar a google map and an address for the place. Tell you how long ago it was, the Vietnam song 19 by Paul Hardcastle was always on the juke box.

    Japes at 9pm behind the mess chaps.

  2. Still the same decor I would have thought, same barmaids too :D
  3. Large fat gals that can carry 4 steins and a tray with 8 glasses through a couple of hundred urined squaddies without spillin a drop. Is it still the same format? Is it still a dive? I had many a good night in there. Introduced to shooters in there too, that was one of lifes mistakes.

    Pip pip

  4. The Sin Bin alas now closed I fear...
  5. The Bin is still there, but not in the format we all remember. It now consists of a really naff 'club' arrangement, and all the strippers were kicked out when the Lady Mayoress was elected. She also closed Cheetahs, for those who recall that fine establishment.

    I heard on my last trip out there that the Mayoress wasn't going to be re-elected next time round, but have no idea whether the good burghers of Med Hat actually got rid of her.

    If you fancy ringing ahead, you can reserve a room on (403) 526-2801.

    Alternatively, a lot of people go to Lethbridge or cross the border...
  6. Cheetahs, now there ius a blast from the past. What a quality establishment. We used to heat up quarters and dimes and chuck them at the strippers lol. Still had a good time in there till we beat some lunberjacks at pool and they started an almighty fight. RCMP attended and we got lifted. Didnt cause a problem at camp, well not of any diplomatic status anyway.
  7. I wish I'd stayed at the Sin Bin. We went to Montana on Thanksgiving (no f*cker told us). It was shut. And just to really p*sh on our bonfire, the local cops were having their shindig in our hotel bar.

    Dryest R & R in the history of NATO.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I did wainright and never left camp on R&R, Topped up my tan, dribbled at the canex and drank cheap lager in the regy bar! Good old Jenky!
  9. that shooters bar destroyed me one night ............failed the fresh air test good and proper.........
  10. Fond memories of O'rileys then onto Cheaters and ending up at the bin.

    Anyone remember becky bondage or the 2 dollar sisters. :D

    Sad thats it's all gone now. :cry:
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  11. No pics of the Sin Bin, but I do have a postcard depicting "The Ming Tree" Chinese gaff around the corner if that helps. :D
  12. Tanky on Batus told me of a mate of his mauled at the zoo retrieving 20 cigs from the polar bear enclosure, I have no knowledge if true or not, I know he was a tanky, I know he did Batus.

    Here is all I could find on bear knuckle polar bear fighting.
  13. O Rileys (& The Club) are still there but alas the 'Bin is a dim and distant memory now.

    The Lady Mayoress is out and the strip joins are starting to reopen
  14. O'Reileys, Cheetahs, then the "Club" (formerly known as Pink Cadillacs) and if it was the right night into Essie's and pick up some fat or painfully skinny chick! Happy days as OPFOR when we arrived two weeks too early for he Ex and was told to "Go and enjoy yourselves!"
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Medicine Hat is about as exciting has a long weekend in Wigan.