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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wevers, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Ok time for another rant. Now I am not so naive to believe that when you put down your preference of postings that you will actually get them, but what is the point of having a negative choice if it is not even going to be looked at (or maybe thats the point) so the bafoons in Glasgow see said negative choice and think "what a jolly fun idea, I shall send the unfortunate individual exactly where he doesn't want to go" Nice one Glasgow once again you have managed to completely screw me over, by not only failing to give sufficient notice in order to enable a smooth transitional move for children from one assignment location to another. Yeah yeah I know I am paid to go where I am told but come on Glasgow stop telling us all that white is black and vice versa when you come to visit us around the regiments and if you are not going to look at preferences just have the balls to say so......not the same old crap we keep hearing time and time again......
  2. sign off....
  3. You off to Chatham then?
  4. would love to sign off...but am stuck in that horrible pension trap with a couple of years to push.
  5. Interesting to hear that things haven't changed. Straight out of Gib in '95 I asked for Northern Ireland or Germany. Being one of the few non-Northerners in my training party I was naturally the only one sent to Ripon!
  6. Ah mate, I have been given 3 weeks notice to move to 22 Engrs...into a job I am completly un-trained for and the next course isn't until Sept... Winner. Happy though as I hear it's a great Regt.

    I have to move my family.. oops there are no houses in the area, I have a kid with special needs who needs to be close to school to walk there or bus it. Woman from DHE " I could get you Larkhill ( 3 miles from the school) Most of the kids bike it to school, you could buy her a bike" Wife - " She is Autistic, she can't tie her shoe laces never mind ride a ******* bike"

    I asked to go back to Scotland in a posting about 6 year ago on campassionate grounds and got Ballykinler... reason.. it was only an hour away by plane. Forget the drive to the airport and the 2 hour wait..... I agree ******* Manning desks are ****! RAF and Navy can ring there "Drafty" and speak to them, we are not allowed... WHY?
  7. We've never been treated as equals to those other two forces, living conditions, budgets and all.
    I don't get it that the last resort fighting force always gets shafted.
    Maybe as we have the biggest bollocks, we produce more nippers making for a logistical nightmare for manning? or maybe just that it’s staffed by Weegies?
  8. I had the same problem 4 yrs ago. Picked up my Stripey and asked to go back to Maidstone. I was away at the time and the Sqn I wanted to go to was in the same location. I spoke to the OC and SSM. SSM I knew very well from a previous unit. They had spaces and would support my application to go to them. Called Glasgow, they agreed that I would be posted there but just wait for the paperwork to be issued. Great, done deal. Told the wife we were off back to live in our house we had rented out. We terminated the contract with the tenant ready for our arrival, then paperwork came through from records. And yes you've guessed it, I was posted to Wiltshire. So we eventually sold the house after 6 months.
    I'm so glad I'm out now. No more lies from them who don't know what they are doing
  9. Wingeing buggers!
  10. Not winging at all. I was always a career soldier who always toed the party line. I've now taken the rose tinted specs off and now realise that it wasn't all fine and dandy. A bit late for me but others can still learn from my/others mistakes of believing what they tell you.
  11. Don't get me wrong I love the job but how difficult is it just to place someone where they are happy, happy soldier works harder!! I had asked for overseas, 14 years in and thought why not. Been a good boy (sometimes) and thought it would be a good experience for the family... nah no chance of that, I had one guy on my Sys Coords course who had served 15 years in germany just moving about, now how is that fair, the **** must be a millionaire by now with the cash he has saved in LOA etc!

    Same people same cushy postings that's why you can't get them!! MOAN MOAN MOAN lol
  12. Look on the bright side at least your life has been stable.
  13. Stable, how do you figure that? Has anyone in the Army had a stable life in the last 12 years. I have moved my family, not including the upcoming move 3 times Since 29th May last year, due to posts being gapped, needing filled and moving on promotion.

    If I wanted a stable life I wouldn't have joined, a degree of stability is great but that wasnever ever expected. My wife and my kids know that and roll with it. After all when 22 years is done, we'll have a nice house, my kids want for nothing as does my wife as we both wortk and earn a good wage, we have a great life and to top it all off the pension is worth it.
    It is part and parcel of the job I get it really I do, but a cushy posting or where you actually ask for, once and again surely is not to much to ask.
  14. I moved house 5 times in three years due to being fuc ked about and being posted within the unit. In the end I declined to move my family as my daughter was at a critical stage in school. For my last three years I commuted 200 miles daily and was told I could've claim for it as I had declined a quarter in the then current posting.

    There weren't any websites to moan about on though in those days. :)
  15. It isn't a pissing contest with you to see who has had the worst time of it mate. But come on everyone likes a moan lol

    However you could have had a moan in your day, you could have typed up a letter on yourr trusty typewriter and sent it to Dear Diedre in the SUN lol